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Photo of Rick Botkin

“The Breast’ by Philip Roth. It’s a modern-day Kafkaesque type novel where a person finds out that he has been radically transformed. In this case, a man is slowly transformed into a human female breast. … It raises a lot of interesting questions; the most obvious is about gender issues.”

Photo of Janet Botkin

“The Fear of Flying’ by Erica Jong. It’s about a young woman, and she’s on a path of self-discovery. It’s a feminist classic about how she is trying to free herself from the conventions that society puts on women.”

Photo of Benjamin Phillips

“‘In Search of Lost Time’ by Marcel Proust. It’s really just a portrait of a man’s life and experiences. It’s very introspective.”

Photo of Mark Abellar

“‘The Founding’ by Dan Abnett. It’s basically about the Warhammer universe, derived from the board game, a far off future kind of thing with space marines and all that fun stuff.”

Photo of Susan Yerkich

“‘Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel’ by Jeannette Walls. I just finished her novel ‘The Glass Castle,’ a family memoir, and this is about her maternal grandmother. It’s sounds like the grandmother was a real character.”


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