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What is the worst spot for flooding in Lawrence?

Asked at The Merc, 901 Iowa St. on May 21, 2010

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Photo of Becky Johnson

“The road by Pines nursery.”

Photo of Soma Chakrabarti

“Ousdahl Road.”

Photo of Phil Duncan

“West Lawrence over by the 1500 block in the county, near K-10.”

Photo of Jordan Clark

“Probably in the alley right behind my house, 12th and Louisiana.”


RoeDapple 7 years ago

23rd street in front of Dillons.

final answer

RoeDapple 7 years ago

Be sure to check out the bargains on Rubbermaid products while you are there!

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

19th street between Harper and Barker. Longest stretch of pothole infestation any where. When it rains, the patches just pop back out.

schula 7 years ago

grammaddy -- I agree with you. I drive that road every day on my way home from work. I keep wondering if it will ever get fixed.

ozzynbn 7 years ago

I live on that street and it's bad. I finally agree with grammaddy on something.

Bill Lee 7 years ago

I think the patches are water soluable.

LadyJ 7 years ago

Wasn't that stretch completely redone a few years ago when they put the stoplights in?

overthemoon 7 years ago

I think that would be the comments sections in the JW.....

feetup 7 years ago

used to be the underpass in n. law. suppose that's "fixed" now?

flux 7 years ago

Wasnt Becky in the Safety dance video?

Deja Coffin 7 years ago

I'm not sure about Lawrence but in my yard it's my garden! Half of my plants are in puddles!

Richard Payton 7 years ago

The 2nd person teaches the short course program. How's that different from the long program? Maybe they just teach the short program to the kids on the short bus. Justin Bieber was on American Idol and I would have booed! Security would have made a beeline to my seat and gave me the boot. I would write a letter thanking security for my quick departure.

riverdrifter 7 years ago

Kasold on the curve. Surprised nobody's mentioned it.

1029 7 years ago

northwest corner of 16th and idaho gets pretty bad sometimes

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