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Do you care if Missouri and/or Nebraska leaves the Big 12 Conference?

Asked at Wayne and Larry’s Sports Bar, 933 Iowa on May 13, 2010

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Photo of Rick Hunter

“I think they should stay to keep the rivalries going and keep the competition as it has been for years.”

Photo of Dudley Crow

“Well A, I do care, it would hurt the Big 12, and B, I don’t think it’s going to happen because I don’t think they bring enough to the table to make it interesting to the Big 10.”

Photo of Jim Harmon

“I do care because it would damage the Big 12 as it sits now, but I do think that the Big 10 sees great value in Missouri and Nebraska, prestige-wise and the number of households they’ll bring.”

Photo of Mike Otto

“I think it would be a shame to break up the conference but I think it’s all about money.”


Alfred_W 7 years ago

If we lost two schools, we could change our name to the Big 10, except that name's already taken by a league with (go figure) eleven schools....

Rex Russell 7 years ago

Keep Nebraska. Chuck Missouri. Invite Arkansas

tolawdjk 7 years ago

Once the feeding frenzy starts, the Big 12 will be doomed. Pac-10 is going to yank Colorado. If Notre Dame doesn't go to the Big 10 for football, that puts Nebraska or Missouri on the dinner table. Strangely Missouri feels like a better fit for them.

If the feeding stops there, the Big 12-2 might make it. However, if Texas jumps to the SEC rather than staying in a reduced conference, it will precipitate the rest of the Texas schools to jump.

Just not enough left over after that to form any kind of meaningful conference.

Jim Williamson 7 years ago

“I do care because it would damage the Big 12 as it sits now, but I do think that the Big 10 sees great value in Missouri and Nebraska, prestige-wise and the number of households they’ll bring.”

You do know Nebraska has a grand total of 293 TVs, right? And does St. Louis really hold that much allure? It can't be KC. KC is clearly a Kansas town.


pfunk81 7 years ago

You do know Nebraska has a nationwide fan base, right? Nebraska vs. Penn St, Michigan, Ohio St, Iowa, and possibly Notre Dame every year = big ratings.

Kyle Neuer 7 years ago

That only applies during football season. I doubt the Big 10 cares about Nebraska, otherwise.

Mary Sucha 7 years ago

The Huskers are headed to the big10/11. I think the main reason is the money, but I also think they believe the big 12 is in for some real turmoil which will lead to the eventual breakup of the conference and they want to be proactive not reactive. Sounds like Texas is going to start the "Longhorn Network", and when this happens the big 12 is toast.

Danimal 7 years ago

I don't think NU is going to leave the Big 12, Mizzou might though. I'm honestly not going to waste anymore time on the conference smash-up discussions because no one knows what will happen, or when it will happen. All I know is that big money always wins. This is just another reason for me to hate the Big 10.

Tony Kisner 7 years ago

KU should be pro-active on this and join the Big Sky. We got plenty of open sky plus kicking a little Lumberjack tail would be nice, real nice. I hate the stupid Lumberlacks.

irvan moore 7 years ago

We cannot compete on a financial level if the Texas schools leave, TV revenue will go down the tubes. (yes, i know tvs don't have tubes anymore) I can't believe that the Journal world isn't covering the front page of the sports section with this everyday. It is probably the biggest sports story to hit the conference in years. I also think KU (that would be spelled Lou) must be working like crazy behind the scenes to get a deal for themselves with another conference. The first to leave will get the prime deal, everbody left will just be deserting a sinking ship. Please JW, get on this story.

puddleglum 7 years ago

actually, it is Texas that the big 10 wants....even though the geography makes no sense, they want that texas country-sized tv-contracts for all of their schools.

whats_going_on 7 years ago

I wouldn't mind. I hate Missouri. Playing them used to be somewhat fun, but a**holes on both sides make it miserable. I don't want them coming here, and I could care less about going there. People have gotten too obsessed over it. I half expect another full out Quantrail-like raid most of the time we play them between the fans. Ugh.

Bill Lee 7 years ago

I don't care what any of them do. There will be fuss and turmoil, and the dust will settle. KU will still play football, and if they win enough games will go to a bowl. Basketball is still the cash cow.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

That's like 8 trimesters. Hope they're both viable by then.

Kyle Neuer 7 years ago

If MU leaves, KU should follow, just so we can continue humiliating them.

Boston_Corbett 7 years ago

It would raise the average IQ's of both conferences.

KS 7 years ago

What's the matter? Is MU getting tired of being beat by KU? Run, chicken, run!

TopJayhawk 7 years ago

I really hope Nebraska stays. Classy program.,,,classy folks. MU? I wish they would just fall off the face of the earth. What a bunch of world class whiners and jerks. Even folks in southern Missouri can't stand them.

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