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Do you think Tiger Woods will lose his No. 1 ranking in golf this weekend?

Asked at Wayne and Larry’s Sports Bar, 933 Iowa on May 6, 2010

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Photo of Heather Wright

“I do not because normally when he has missed the cut, he seems to have come out and placed in the top 5 the following week.”

Photo of Wyatt Sturgeon

“No, I don’t. I don’t think he will finish in the top 5, but I don’t think Phil (Mickelson) will win.”

Photo of Kathryn Franklin

“The way he’s been golfing lately, there’s a good chance he might do that.”

Photo of Larry A. Franklin Sr.

“Yes, he will because of his failure to make the cut last week and all the pressure that’s on Mr. Woods.”


looza 8 years ago

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Brian Laird 8 years ago

How to make Coors.....

1) start with 1 pint of Free State Wheat State Golden 2) add 1000 liters of sparkling and 4000 liters still water

Chris Ogle 8 years ago

Hey folks.... Heather must have it right because her major is HISTORY. By the way, does Tiger play that golf game?? I thought he just... oh never mind.

sourpuss 8 years ago

You know, LJWorld, asking a question about the British elections, the oil spill, the NYC bombing attempt, the floods in Nashville or, well, pretty much anything is far more interesting than a question about an adulterous golfer. I don't give a whiff whether Tiger is good at golf or not. If he never won another event or won all of them... doesn't matter. I get that you like to ask a light question now and then, but at least ask a funny or cute one. Athletes and entertainers are a big snore. "My opinion about this person I never met is:" Blech.

John Hamm 8 years ago

Haven't we beaten this dead horse enough?

Ceallach 8 years ago

Somebody needed to say it. Thank you, KS.

RoeDapple 8 years ago

Tiger Woods . . .think about it. Sounds like the name of a retirement village.

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

If my name was Eldrick I too would change it. But I think in this case, "Tiger" as a choice was just a tad ironic. "Baker's Dozen" would have been better.

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

If my name was Eldrick I too would change it. But I think in this case, "Tiger" as a choice was just a tad ironic. "Baker's Dozen" would have been better.

Rex Russell 8 years ago

Sick Sick Sick of hearing about Tiger Woods every other day. The press seems to work preety hard to keep him in the spotlight. Frankly, I couldn't care less about his ranking.

Steve Miller 8 years ago

Who cares ? It makes no difference to anyones life what he does, it is just a gossip item..

bruno2 8 years ago

Someone who knocks on your door for no reason?

bruno2 8 years ago

I like watching Tiger play, he is an artist, but I could care less about his ranking and even less about his personal affairs.

bruno2 8 years ago

Hey LJW, I note that lately your man-on-the-street questions have been either low brow inflammatory (birthers, atheist SCOTUS candidates) or inane, like today's. Who comes up with these questions? Did you get a new person recently. They used to be informative, locally topical or humorous, now they are typically none of the above. May I offer some assistance? How about, "Do you support higher sales taxes to fund schools and social programs?" Or maybe, "What was the worst summer vacation you ever took?"

riverdrifter 8 years ago

Tiger got caught out on a golf course during a lightning storm. He held a one iron over his head. Why?

beatrice 8 years ago

Tiger being # 2 seems appropriate.

A big, fat, stinky, # 2.

SLOPOKE 8 years ago

Sure he will !! Karma Baby ! Karma !

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