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What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 13, 2010

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Photo of Chris Francisco

“I ran a couple of marathons. Best time was 2:59:12.”

Photo of Jay Schweig

“I swam across the Potomac River because it was there.”

Photo of Greg Biberstein

“I jumped off a cliff into the water in Hawaii. I went feet first instead of head first. It was about a 40-foot cliff.”

Photo of Katie Ruggles

“Zip lining in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was the world’s fastest zip line, I believe, 75 miles per hour. It was pretty fun.”


RoeDapple 7 years, 11 months ago

Sorry, the statute of limitations hasn't expired on that one. I could tell you, but then I would have to . . .

Flap Doodle 7 years, 11 months ago

Slapped a sticker showing the 1st Cav patch onto the bumper of a Soviet tourist bus in East Berlin.

George_Braziller 7 years, 11 months ago

I took photos of East German guards on the street in East Berlin. Big no no. Fortunately I didn't get caught.

Ron Holzwarth 7 years, 11 months ago

I once took a flying lesson in an ultralight aircraft in the Mojave desert. Aluminum tubing, and fabric wings.

I knew the statistics, but I did it anyway. People who know me and my fear of flying can hardly believe I actually did willingly do that. Never have flown since, not even in a commercial jet.

Richard Heckler 7 years, 11 months ago

Spent 4 months on a honeymoon using bicycles,our thumbs, sail boats,AMTRAK and other mass transit when necessary. Yes we sailed from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas then hitched a ride back to San Diego and our bicycles.

A great way to meet lots of nice people.

Traveling without a car = big savings and more fun.

beatrice 7 years, 11 months ago

I've gone skydiving a few times. Always a blast. The falling is amazing, then once you pull the chord and the chute opens up, you start flying. A truly wonderful experience.

Its been a while. I need to do it again.

kernal 7 years, 11 months ago

Pink Jeep Tour outside Sedona. They hadn't had any fatal accidents for the six months before, so went for the danger zone tour. Yaaaah!

he_who_knows_all 7 years, 11 months ago

Your boyfriend got booted for some reason CW. You'll have to find a new one. Maybe Andini. You talk about him a lot as I've noticed after reading your previous posts. ;-)

Clint Church 7 years, 11 months ago

Drive on Lawrence roads while KU is in session.

Cait McKnelly 7 years, 11 months ago

I played in the foam at the bottom of Horsetail Falls in Oregon. Doesn't sound like much until you realize it's coming down about 1k feet off of Mt. Hood. Other than that I acted in a troupe that did Renaissance Festivals and Faires throughout the Midwest. Again, doesn't sound like much except that it was a live steel weapons group and I fought other people with a 5 lb hand a half sword. (That was 30 years ago and I still have the sword). I was in a boat that had a pod of California Gray whales surface next to us not 10 feet away. THAT was exciting.

LadyJ 7 years, 11 months ago

Married my husband, believe me that was a leap of faith.

Ron Holzwarth 7 years, 11 months ago

Aw, come on, that can't be to much of a leap of faith. Because, at some point, every woman married her husband!


1029 7 years, 11 months ago

I made my twelve year-old drive me home one time when I got too drunk at his baseball team's pizza party. Now that he's older, we can laugh about the parked cars he hit and the mailbox that he ran down, but from what I think I can remember, it was pretty scary at the time.

Prairielander 7 years, 11 months ago

Backpacked in the Routt (CO) National Forest for about a week with just my dog. The first humans I saw on my return were a family of Koreans picking a version of wild asparagus that was in season around one of the campgrounds.

geekin_topekan 7 years, 11 months ago

Drove night shift taxi in Topeka, Kansas.

CreatureComforts 7 years, 11 months ago

Drive 23rd street from Iowa to the edge of town

geoismeo 7 years, 11 months ago

My pilot friend let me loop his airplane, and I once accidently rowed myself and three others over the spillway downtown. Everyone was okay,but a bit miffed.

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