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Are you excited about the start of the soccer World Cup?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 11, 2010

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Photo of Valerie Wiesner

“No, I’m more of a basketball person.”

Photo of Jason Wheeler

“No, I am really indifferent. I just don’t really follow sports, specifically the World Cup.”

Photo of Julie Grauer

“I wouldn’t say that I’m not excited. It’s interesting, and I know it’s the biggest sporting event in the world, and the United States, I think, has a good team this year.”

Photo of Trenton Tiemeyer

“I can’t really say I have any interest in it whatsoever. I’ve never been into soccer or other team sports, for that matter.”


RoeDapple 8 years ago

Hey spacehog! Come on out to Lecompton's Territorial Days,June 25 and 26! They won't be serving free liquor, but I'll make sure you get some.Liquor that is. You're on your own for anything else! Had a lady ask me if she knew me a few years back, when I said I didn't think so she said,"Should I?"

Biggest difference between small towns and big cities? The undesirables are easier to avoid in the big cities. Out here everyone lives within rock throwin, distance of each other. That's why we don't build glass (out)houses!

Bring a turtle for the turtle races! Load it up with steroids and caffeine, I guarantee you'll have a winner!

Bill Lee 8 years ago

Growing up in Germany, soccer was the first team sport I remember playing. In the early days of pro soccer in this country I was a Tampa Bay Rowdies fan. That said, I have to admit I don't really pay much attention to the sport any longer. If the US team advances beyond a round or two, I'll start watching the games, but I'm a "homer." If and when the US loses, I'll quit watching.

KyleXY 8 years ago

Yes he is truly the master of using Google Let's all pat him on the head.

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

I'll get some little thin pancakes to celebrate.

Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

I don't follow soccer. But I was saddened by the story about the death of Mandela's great-granddaughter after the concert there.

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