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Who has been the best Kansas City Royals player so far this year?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 6, 2010

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Photo of Paul Klepper

“That would be David DeJesus, but I’m not very happy about it.”

Photo of Barry Lee

“Undoubtedly, Billy Butler. I think he’s been consistent the whole year. … He’s got one of the best averages in the league right now.”

Photo of Brian Barber

“(Zack) Greinke, his stats are comparable to most top major league pitchers, but the just doesn’t have the run support from his team.”

Photo of Lindsay Martin

“(Yuniesky) Betancourt was good on Monday.”


looza 8 years ago

george brett.......oh wait this year? hmmmm.........hmmmm............hmmmmm.........Kyle Farnsworth!

nobody1793 8 years ago

"...Greinke, his tats are comparable... "

I assume that "tats" is a typo. Because otherwise that would be kind of funny.

schula 8 years ago

How about Mike Aviles? He has made some great catches the last two games. I also agree with David DeJesus.

beatrice 8 years ago

The guy who orders the tarp to cover the field on a rainy day?

TheStonesSuck 8 years ago

You guys must be watching a different team. The way I see it, the kings are gettin a lot better. We have decent pitching right now, despite the rotation's high ERA. The bullpen shows signs of establishing a nice groove, and we've got one of the better offenses in the American league. Don't underestimate the power of a little Ned and the guys seem to actually believe that the team can win games! Like it or not, that hasn't been the case around KC for a while now....Let's Go Royals!!!!!

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