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Do you care about the NFL Pro Bowl game?

Asked at Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa on January 31, 2010

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Photo of Russ Wilson

“I actually probably care about it more now because it’s before the Super Bowl and not after it, so I have something to do this weekend.”

Photo of Alan Moore

“No, not too exciting and not too many Chiefs in it anyway.”

Photo of Rich Morenz

“No. … Having it before the Super Bowl, I think, is kind of silly.”

Photo of Chris Nunez

“Yes, I do, very much so. I believe it opens fan bases to all the states around the nation.”


Nikki May 8 years, 1 month ago

I usually check it out, but seriously, it should be after the super bowl. This year, not so interested.

parrothead8 8 years, 1 month ago

The Pro Bowl, like the MLB All-Star Game and the NBA All-Pro Shama-Lama Ding-Dong Weekend, is a joke. It means nothing, functions only as a way for the league to make more money, and is inaccessible to 99.99% of the league's fans. These games do more to stroke the players' egos than to provide entertainment for the fans, and to even try to attach any sort of significance to the game (like the MLB did with their All-Star Game determining home field advantage in the World Series) is a complete sham.

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