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Whom do you like to follow on Twitter?

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Photo of Sarah Robinson

“Amiri Baraka … I am a poet, too, and he writes poetry.”

Photo of Catherine Morel

“I like to follow LJWorld and the weather and KU sports.”

Photo of Sylvie Rueff

“My nephew-in-law - he’s a financial person.”

Photo of Dave Ogle

“Steven Greer - he is a guy that’s trying to expose what the U.S. knows about UFOs.”


AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

-LJ-W accounts -other LJ-W fans -[expletive]mydadsays (soooo funny!) -various accounts run by diff. parts of Google

GardenMomma 8 years ago

I see they have stopped putting the "Asked on [name the street] on [today's date]"

Nice, but you can put in where the question was asked; that was fun to know. And you can even put in the asked on date - just use the real date you asked it, not default to the current date.

8 years ago

@shi!tmydadsays (you know to take out the !) @badbanana @blankslate @QueenOfLateNight

Nikki May 8 years ago

Hey the date and place are gone! GardenMomma is my hero!

puddleglum 8 years ago

I follow the tornado (meso) prediction center

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