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Would you like to see a BMX track here in Lawrence?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on February 18, 2010

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Photo of Jeff Williams

“Sure, it would give kids something to do.”

Photo of Chris Williams

“Yes, I would because it would keep the kids busy, and kids need a hobby.”

Photo of India Forbes

“Yeah, that would be pretty cool. I know a lot of people that would like that.”

Photo of Marina Hackl

“Yeah … when I was little I thought it would be cool to do that.”

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onetoughdog 8 years ago

This would be great, would spend lots of time there with the kids! Miss these since moving from California

RoeDapple 8 years ago

Surely the increase in LifeStar trips could be negotiated to a lower rate by the city liability insurer

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

I would say locate the track near the center of town so kids won't always need a car.

On the other hand the park across from the Wetlands has plenty of space and the Eastside Rec center did have a BMX track going for awhile..... not that long ago. I'd vote for the park across from the Wetlands.

The answer is YES! Bring it on

Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

In this economy when we are trying to save schools? I think not. I would hope there are bigger priorities than this. How many still use the skate park?

jonas_opines 8 years ago

"yeah, what's a BMX? Is that like one of those stringray bikes with acessories?"

I think it's a Bass clef Monotone Xylophone. I would never have thought it would be big with the kids, though.

parrothead8 8 years ago

grammaddy (anonymous) says... In this economy when we are trying to save schools? I think not. I would hope there are bigger priorities than this. How many still use the skate park?

According to the related story, no public money would be would be privately-funded. The city is just being asked to allow the group to use vacant city park land as a spot to build the track.

somedude20 8 years ago

yeah bra like totally rad idea. like lets wreck downtown to smithereens and build a humongo bike track there dudes. like no even goes downtown anyway bra like who wouldnt want a track

William McCauley 8 years ago


Every time I took my son for a walk over there, the place was packed with kids of all ages riding their boards and having fun in a well lit and safe place free from the skate cops of 20 years ago. Funny 20 years ago when "us" local skaters tried to find a new place for the local ramp to live, we couldn't even get the boys & girls club to let it go there, we had a local skate shop willing to donate complete boards, helmets, pad sets so the kids who's folks couldn't afford to buy that stuff for them, could come to the club and take skate camps to learn to ride in a safe place and have the stuff to use. Every place the "locals" tried to find said no, the skating bans were passed on downtown and KU and skateboarding became a crime in Lawrence as with the rest of the country. But now after many years of hassle by the cops, there is a place to ride, small and sucks in a number of ways, but the kids make damn good use of it, maybe you should stop by your local kwik shop one of these up coming spring/summer afternoons and load up on a bunch of ice and bottled water and haul it over to the skate park and start handing it out to the kids and young collage guys over there riding, and maybe you'll see first hand how busy the place is and you never know, you might even like a few of them.

Most non skaters don't like skateboarders and pass judgement on them based on looks alone, they stink from sweating, wear baggie and torn up clothes, funny looking hair and use strange words you'd not understand unless you ride.

So yes a place paid for by sponsors to do BMX races and training would be a good thing for youth to do besides hang out down town with the homeless panhandlers.

Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

The BigW-Sorry, didn't read as much as I should have. I don't live on that side of town and rarely get over there. Didn't realize it would be paid for by private money, but I still think that "private money" could be better put to use somewhere else.I would love to see more for th kids to do but how many kids own a BMX? A skating rink or another Putt-Putt might appeal to more than a BMX track would. Just saying... I have nothing against the skaters. Funny hair and torn up clothes never bothered me either. I grew up in an era where parents were concerned that the Beatles' long hair would be the downfall of America. As a parent and grandparent I've learned to pick my battles more carefully. Right now my main concern in this economy, is how to save the schools and it makes me crazy to see money spent on things of less importance. I don't mean to offend anybody, I just have a different set of priorities.

puddleglum 8 years ago

as long as it is built in east lawrence or in the wetlands. please leave the area by the golf course alone. It is bad enough that there is a golf course that can't pay for itself, obstructing nature. The rc park is okay. I Ride my bike through this area every day, and love seeing all of the wildlife. I have seen bobcats, foxes, big fat owls, turkeys, deer (yawn), lots of coyotes, and this winter I saw two bald headed Eagles at the southeast corner of the dam.

leave it alone, for christ's sake.

pizzapete 8 years ago

A BMX track would be another asset to our community. I think it would bring in people from surrounding communities, too. Bike riding and racing has nothing to due with drugs, not sure why that is even being brought into this. Just like the skate park, it will be another place for people to have fun, be positive, and stay healthy.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

Would you like to see a BMX track here in Lawrence?

---"like?" or "care?"
Lawrence still is rather short on teen friendly activities an this would be good for them for the doing.

so, just which "vacant park land" are the BMX enthusiasts really looking at?

Merrill suggests in the middle of town...where there is 0 vacant park land.

of course Merrill also recommends naked hiking, too.

flux 8 years ago

His music puts me in a coma..... tweaker!

Kyle Neuer 8 years ago

Speaking as an operating room nurse, I say "Build it." Job security is important.

flux 8 years ago

Its hard for me to be a prick if you are going to be so agreeable, you're ruining it for me. Give me one Dylan song thats going to change my mind about him and I'll give it a shot when i get home.

Take_a_letter_Maria 8 years ago

spacehog - I think flux meant that Bob at Dillon's sucks.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

Eastside Rec Center and Broken Arrow Park have plenty of space.

Broken Arrow Park has wayyy more parking fot events.

As I said eastside rec center did in fact have this activity.

I vote Broken Arrow Park where there are two large areas of ground.... plus shelters/picnic tables etc etc.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

spacehog, i'm surprised your "marion?" comment didn't get deleted. i had said "marion? is that you?" in another thread about a week ago and the next thing i knew, the comment gods struck my post down! :/

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

probably the latter moreso than the former, spacehog. you are quite intimidating. ;P

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

Merrillspambot spams: As I said eastside rec center did in fact have this activity.

I vote Broken Arrow Park where there are two large areas of ground.... plus shelters/picnic tables etc etc.

I agree these might be good locations, but they're *nowhere near the middle of town * [see your original statement!]

now, how often does Merrillspambot respond to other posters? about never!

pizzapete 8 years ago

The eastside rec center actually had a dirt jumping area, this was not a race track. I used to walk my dog over there and watch the kids ride. A track would be different, with a start gate, announcer, etc.
Broken Arrow sounds ok, lots of parking unless there is a football, soccer, or baseball game being played there. Again, I take my dog there and during the summer you are lucky to find a place to park. Don't think there is space for it there either unless you mean in the middle of the field with the cross country track that backs up to Haskell University?

Liberty275 8 years ago

I'd rather see a scaled-down version of Heartland Park.

Dirtman24 8 years ago

Seriously BMX is a competitive sport for all ages to learn and become better. Have a read here for a better understanding of why a BMX track is a good idea, also some pictures and videos.

Skill levels, race structure, qualifying methods, awards

Here are the Classes: Racers in the 20" class are grouped with others of the same relative age and experience levels; Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Veteran, "A" Pro, "AA" Pro in the ABA; Rookie, Novice, Expert, Elite Masters, "B" Pro (Superclass) and "A" Pro (Elite) in the NBL. They range from 5 & under Novice to 28 & over Expert in the ABA and from 5 & under Rookie to 35 & over Expert in the NBL. Cruiser Class (bicycles with 24" or greater diameter wheels) and the girl classes are not divided up into skill classes, only age classes in both the NBL and the ABA. The Cruiser class age brackets for example range from 9 & under to 51 & over for males, 10 & under to 41 & over for females in the ABA; and 9 & under to 55 & over males, 10 & under to 40 & over females in the NBL.


Dirtman24 8 years ago

Seriously BMX is a competitive sport for all ages to learn and become better.

ABA BMX racing is a sport of youthful achievement and the American family. While the young boy or girl BMX racer develops skills at an individual pace, they are learning about winning, losing and trying again. The racer`s family learns that time spent together is support of the racer and the individual achievements is quality time.

SwissAm 8 years ago

The trend here in Europe is 4X which is like BMX but with more air time and suspension forks on the bikes.

We have a few gravity assisted ones here in Switzerland and I love to bomb down them on my 8 inch downhill bike but I don't race. I prefer free riding and downhill courses mostly but I also do XC to stay in shape. My favorite place is Portes du Soleil a bike mecca that has 8 resorts, 27 chairlifts all interconnected. (sigh) waiting for the snow to melt...........tired of snowboarding

This is how I bike

SwissAm 8 years ago

here is the 4x link if its not working

And the DH/FR link

I love biking, I keep doing it well into my old age. (I've seen 60+ year olds flying down DH tracks here) Never too old to have fun on a bike. Check how old this guy is at the end of the video

Dirtman24 7 years, 10 months ago

Ok folks, to show people how serious we are in trying to get an ABA Sanctioned BMX Tack in Lawrence, we like the public to come view our website. There are pictures and also NEW pictures of our scaled model in progress of a bmx track. Also on the front page there is a video called "Getting Into BMX Racing".. This video is exactly what we are facing and doing everything in our powers to make it happen with all your supports. Thanks for your time in reading and support....

Please visit:

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