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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, which do you prefer: food or flowers?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on February 14, 2010

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Photo of Ashley Barnes

FOOD! … Cheese and bread.”

Photo of Adam Marrello

“Italian food. I’m Italian, and I like food and wine.”

Photo of Brett Bertelsen

“Food, French or Mexican.”

Photo of Lia Williams

“Flowers. … It’s a reminder of that person who gave it to you.”


riverdrifter 8 years ago

Just had the best cuisine there is today: a Bud and a brat at Daytona Speedway.

Chinaski was right: Love is a dog from hell.

Tomorrow the big thunder rolls. I can't wait to see the 'love' on the track. A Bunch of Valentines out there, all hearts & flowers. "I'm your huckleberry". . .

dajudge 8 years ago

How about some edible flowers? That covers both halves of the question. Zuchinni flowers in a nice bowtie pasta with oil/butter & garlic sauce with some good Italian sausage and olives, fresh bread with good olive oil/balsamic vinegar for dipping. Maybe finish with some cheesecake or tiramisu? I'd probably getted Chopped!

kernal 8 years ago

Flowers soon die, but the memory of a great meal lasts forever.

asbury 8 years ago

Are you kidding? What is a Valentine??????

KansasPerson 8 years ago

Ashley sounds like a pretty easy-going date. Maker her a grilled-cheese sandwich and she's happy! :)

KansasPerson 8 years ago

*Make. Sheesh. Must've gotten snow in my eye....

mayatao 8 years ago

I think flowers last longer than food in the stomach. Anyway, Happy V's Day :-) <3 Lawrence

Kontum1972 8 years ago

wieners and beer...that's a great movie space hog

Rae Hudspeth 8 years ago


But really, women who say flowers are a waste of money don't appreciate them. The blooms are going to die anyway, why not enjoy them in your home or on the table. Food is an act of love if you make it right. I can whip up some really good food that's good for us too.

But nothing beats a good cuddle or more with my sweetheart, snow or not. I don't need Hallmark or American Greetings to declare my love.

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