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Are you more likely to return or regift a present you don’t like?

Asked at Kansas Sampler, 921 Massachusetts St. on December 26, 2010

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Photo of Cindy Riscoe

“Probably return it so I can get something I want. ”

Photo of Ben Howard

“Probably return it, and for no particular reason. ”

Photo of Brandy Aitkens

“Probably neither. I just hang on to it or put it to use. Unless it’s something I really don’t like, then I return it. ”

Photo of Dana Fertig

“I don’t like regifting. If I get something I really don’t like, I’m not going to give it to someone else.”


GreenEyedBlues 7 years, 6 months ago

I return/exchange if I absolutely must. Regifting is obscene.

Pitt_Mackeson 7 years, 6 months ago

give it to Goodwill lulz. Someone is bound to buy a shower curtain pole.

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