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Who is your favorite holiday character?

Asked at Signs of Life, 722 Mass. on December 25, 2010

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Photo of Brittany Rask


Photo of Ruthie Ozonoff

“Chevy Chase. He dominates over everything. ”

Photo of Jenny Gottstein

“Jesus. And Rudolph, too. ”

Photo of Ben Markley

“Probably George Bailey from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’”


pace 7 years ago

The big kahuna, monsieur easter bunny.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Predictable but still as creepy as all get out. Albert was a naughty lad, he was.

Terry Sexton 7 years ago

Make-believe - Frosty the Snowman Real - Santa Claus

riverdrifter 7 years ago

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of HWMNBN's disappearededness. How do we commemerate it? Or, do we?!

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

Yes, Merry Christmas to HWSNBN. Gone, but never forgotten!

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

Tiny Tim. God bless us every one!

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