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What will the Kansas City Chiefs do with the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft?

Asked at Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa on April 22, 2010

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Photo of Zoe Ann Kennedy

“They will trade it and get more picks later in the draft.”

Photo of David James

“I think they will trade it and move on down.”

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“I think they’re holding on to it, hopefully they will get somebody good because they need it.”

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“They will trade it because they need a lot more players.”


Roland Gunslinger 4 years ago

Brian Buluga (OT) that way Albert can move back to his natural right tackle position.

IF Suh falls to the fifth pick I can see the Chiefs taking him since we'd likely be picking a DT in the 2nd round anyways.


thebigspoon 4 years ago

Does Todd Blackledge ring a bell ??????


Agnostick 4 years ago

Well they can pick their draft... and they can pick their nose... but they can't pick...


RonBurgandy 4 years ago

They'd better take Eric Berry or Russell Okung. If they don't then they've screwed it up...again.


OonlyBonly 4 years ago

Who? What draft? They quit that years ago.


hungryhustler 4 years ago

they will trade the the pick to the steelers for big ben and his sweet mullet.


BABBOY 4 years ago

They do not have a good track record recently.

They need to go with defense.


g_rock 4 years ago

They will drop the ball.........literally.


spacehog 4 years ago

Oh wait, breaking news. I've heard the list for a new quarterback has come down to Jim Plunkett, Ken Stabler, or Brett Favre. KC, the elephant graveyard of NFL quaterbacks.


spacehog 4 years ago

Evidently, who cares? Go, Raiders!


CWGOKU 4 years ago

What Radiohawk said. Draft an LSU defensive lineman who is a bust.


del888 4 years ago

They will trade it for some good BBQ


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