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Who will be drafted first, Cole Aldrich or Xavier Henry?

Asked at Borders Books and Music, 700 N.H. St. on April 8, 2010

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Photo of Kegan Scrivner

“Xavier … I think he is more well-known, more hyped.”

Photo of Steve Burton

“Xavier because he’s had more expectations from the get-go.”

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“Cole, I think he is tougher.”

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“I vote Cole Aldrich, just because he’s played longer and has more experience and is a little more mature.”

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Mary Darst 8 years ago

i agree, md!

Autie, was there any marching at the union last night, as you suggested yesterday. I was reading that in class and laughing out loud. The kids were sure I was watching something I shouldn't be watching in school.

happy_go_lucky 8 years ago

andini it isn't a question of who will be #1, they are asking who will get picked first between those two ku players. You need to step up your reading comp.

gatekeeper 8 years ago

According to many scounting sites, Aldrich is predicted to be the #6 pick and is expected to be a role player where ever he goes. Henry is listed at maybe #14, mainly because he is young and didn't have the greatest of seasons and they all list that he isn't the most athletic player (many say he is good but not a great athlete). "Looking forward, Henry clearly has two NBA skills in his three-point shooting and passing, while his team-oriented approach will certainly be appealing to teams, but with only a year spent in college and not much to show for it in terms of shot creating abilities, teams will have a tough time gauging his learning curve to see if that’s something he’s likely to develop down the road. Henry’s attitude and approach to the game are definitely reassuring in this regard, but if he only projects as a role playing wing who can’t create his own shot (and there are questions about which position he is best suited to guard), teams may be hesitant to draft earlier than the later portion of the lottery at best, though there are likely many playoff teams who would be happy to see him fall."

He would have been better served staying another year, but money talks. And I'm sure the coaching staff will be glad to have his dad out of the picture.

happy_go_lucky 8 years ago

It actually is entitled, "Who will be drafted first, Cole Aldrich or Xavier Henry?"

Reading comprehension win.

Seth Peterson 8 years ago

Aldrich - he has the ability to step in and help make a difference for teams in need now. Henry will probably go to an established team later in the draft who needs someone to help with their depth while he matures as a player and hopefully into a team leader later.

BruceWayne 8 years ago

Cole and who? Xavier? isn't that the team that KSU beat in double overtime? I knew that they were good but damn! Drafting an entire team? SA-WEET!

Clint Church 8 years ago

Where was Camille when I was in school?

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