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Photo of Jacob Horton

“‘The Curse of Camp Cold Lake’ by R. L. Stine. It is about this girl that hates this camp because her bunk mates hate her … but when she almost drowns in this lake, everybody feels bad for her.”

Photo of Patrick Eastman

“‘The Cult of the Saints: Its Rise and Function in Latin Christianity’ by Peter Brown. It is about the change from pagan beliefs and how saints came about within these communities.”

Photo of Carrol Smith

“‘Where Men Win Glory’ by Jon Krakauer. I was interested in Pat Tillman’s life and the fact that he was a big NFL football player, and he forsook that to go fight in the Army after 9/11.”

Photo of Angus House

“‘Why Lazarus Laughed’ by Wei Wu Wei. It is essentially about Eastern philosophy, the zen, advaita and tantra.”

Photo of Gwen Cooke

“‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. A friend of mine had read it and it helped them with some situations in their life and so I decided to look into it.”


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