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What is your first memory of Santa Claus?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on November 28, 2009

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Photo of Chris Ward

“My first memory was when my uncle dressed up as Santa in Kansas City. … I thought it was amazing because I thought it was Santa Claus showing up at the house.”

Photo of Jack Brown

“We had a Santa Claus statue under the tree. My parents bought it for my little sister. … I was about 5, I think. Boy, that was a long time ago. I’m 78 now.”

Photo of Jamie Gonce

“In the military they have a thing where all the kids go to meet Santa. … I told him I wanted Play-Doh. He turned around, gave me a box and it was Play-Doh. I opened it and thought, ‘Oh my God, he’s real.’”

Photo of Leah Conner

“The first time I ever met Santa, I was 3 or 4 years old. This guy in a Santa costume was just getting off work and going to a party. … He was nice and he acted like he was Santa for a little bit longer.”


jonas_opines 8 years, 4 months ago


Realizing that he wasn't real. Thanks for reminding me.

Linda Endicott 8 years, 4 months ago

OH, get real, people...

My first experience with Santa Claus was when I was in kindergarden...he came to visit my class the last afternoon before vacation started...

When this big man all dressed in red came into the room, he scared the holy crap out of me...I immediately turned to the little boy next to me (my classmate) for comfort...and he told me it was only Santa, and nothing to be afraid of...

So I got a small present from Santa, and it spurred the very first crush I had on a boy...all in all, not a bad

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