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What was your first job after graduation?

Asked at Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa on May 17, 2009

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Photo of Daniel May

“I worked at a grocery store. I started out as a sack boy and ended up as assistant manager.”

Photo of Monte Steffey

“Concrete construction. … It was all residential work.”

Photo of Tyler Bradshaw

“The same job I have now, as a cook. I love it.”

Photo of Scott Gonzalez

“The Army Reserves. I enlisted as a 17-year-old and then shipped out after I graduated.”

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Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Sign hanger for Art and Sign company. Never a dull moment.

ms_canada 9 years ago

I went in to nurses training right after graduation.

SuperSnot 9 years ago

Did you notice that none of the people asked the question mentioned a job they had to have an education (at an expensive state university) to be able to perform? Higher education has become a gaming casino; only a few hit the jackpot.

Practicality 9 years ago

Prospector's bail bondsman. Made a fortune and retired.

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