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What’s the best advice your mom ever gave you?

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“Not to be a baby about things and do what’s right for you.”

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“To do whatever it is I feel passionate about doing.”

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“To lock your doors at stoplights and don’t make eye contact with other drivers.”

“Don’t lie to me because I know where you’ve been.”


H_Lecter 7 years ago

Don't bury the bodies in the basement.

LogicMan 7 years ago

Don't talk to strangers on the street. :-)

RoeDapple 7 years ago

Don't be a "stranger" (see above)

Chris Ogle 7 years ago

First it was "go to bed"... then later yrs " get up, don't sleep all day"

schula 7 years ago

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything"

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago

We didn't get hacked. There's a bug in comments that someone noticed. We know about it. It's on a list to get fixed. It wasn't ever that high up on our list because, one, it was really hard to find and two, it didn't cause much harm.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

jonas_opines 7 years ago

O-Bob: Per snap, I gather that was also Marion's blog, so all the standard guesses as to content can apply.

Kynsicat 7 years ago

"Drink a glass of milk" anytime I was crabby, because I was usually hungry...and damn it if that didn't work every time! Now I remind her to have a glass of milk! LOL!

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 7 years ago

(wow... no appearance yet of The Golden Rule....)

How 'bout an "Eastern" take (on the above):

Do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you.

Mary Darst 7 years ago

Off the subject. In case you missed the President speaking at the press correspondent dinner last night ; it is on . Be sure and take a look at Wonda Sikes also. Very humerous. About my mom..alot of advice that I didn't think was important until it was too late.

beatrice 7 years ago

"Stand up for what you believe."

TOB - Last night Marion had seven of his posts pulled from his very own blog! What a laugh riot. So for those who are afraid of getting disappeared, apparently you need to have at least eight offensive posts in a very short time before you get yanked since a precedence has been set. Although Marion did do some good by outing gnome as the super secret hacker spy kinda guy that we all know he is anyways. I think gnomes super secret hacker spy code name is Nick Danger-ous.

Rex Russell 7 years ago

My mom was a stickler on procrastination. " Good planning breeds success. Success begets confidence. Confidence breeds success." Hated that one. I now say it to my two kids.

beatrice 7 years ago

Lucky for you Rex. My mom never did get around to talking to me about procrastination.

George_Braziller 7 years ago

My mom never gave me verbal advice. She just lead by example and is an amazing woman. For years my friends and co-workers have asked me if she would adopt them.

Deja Coffin 7 years ago

"I may not be better then anyone else in this world but no one is better then me."

"Why waste your time trying to please people that'll never be pleased. If people don't like you, f*** them!"

Leslie Swearingen 7 years ago

She told me that my father gave his life in the Korean War in defense of his country and to enable me to live my life however I want. So respect the Constitution and live as a free, proud, American woman. I have passed this on to my daughter and granddaughter, that they can wear whatever they want, go anyplace they want, and say anything they want, and if someone doesn't like it stand up and spit in their eye Red neck mama don't have fancy manners, don't know fancy words, don't take no----

beatrice 7 years ago

Multi, I know that Marion didn't get disappeared, but he did have SEVEN of his posts removed from his own blog in a very short period of time. Being bumped seven times from your own blog is pretty pathetic, don't ya think? Apparently, seven is the number to beat before you get disappeared.

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

Jonathan, personally I hope you don't fix that "bug."

the really big deal last night wasn't the "bug" but it was Marion's own behavior: first I was lying/spinning; then I was an LJWorld plant; then I was a supersecret hacker!

marion again doing his imitation of a drunken bear!

double-oh gnome is my fav term now but indeed, how can you trust ljworld if I'm an LJWorld plant?

Although Marion did do some good by outing gnome as the super secret hacker spy kinda guy that we all know he is anyways. I think gnomes super secret hacker spy code name is Nick Danger-ous.


you got that right Bea. now, the truth is out! I'll have to hang up my martini glass, no more bondwomen, speedboats, killer car, etc. all gone now.

beatrice 7 years ago

Gnome, I say stay in the game and just pick a new super secret hacker spy code name. No reason to give up that Bond-life you've got going. Besides, until the economy rebounds you'll never get your money's worth for the speedboats and killer cars on the secondary market.

passionatelibra 7 years ago

My Mom always told me:

"Be courteous and polite" especially when I had to be around family members I couldn't stand.

"Just because you have the ability to say or do something, doesn't mean you should" We were talking about how lately people seemed to have no consideration of others. I witnessed that a lot today while out and about. It made me angry at first but then sad.

"Hatred, bullying and rudeness are a sign of weakness and self loathing. Love, kindness and compassion are a sign of strength and love of self." She told me that often when I was growing up. I was an outcast. It hurt but she always helped me put it in perspective.

"Sometimes you have to show the depth of your love by saying goodbye." She told me that when I gave up one of my daughters for adoption. I've thought of it in different forms while raising my other two children. I basically put their needs in front of my own selfish desires or pain. It hasn't steered me wrong yet.

beatrice 7 years ago

"When out on safari, you don't need to be faster than the hungry lion. You just need to be faster than the person running next to you."

hawklet21 7 years ago

One of the most important things I learned from mom was that just because a person looks, acts, or dresses a certain way that doesn't automatically make them have a stereotyped personality. (Good lesson, because the big burly biker dudes really like to feed little baby girls big hunks of chocolate cake while mom isn't looking!!) Also, she has just showed by example how to stretch your money to get what you need while still having a little bit of what you want. My mom is just downright friggin' awesome. :)

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

My mama done told me, when I was in knee-pants My mama done told me, son a woman’ll sweet talk And give you the big eye but when the sweet talkin’s done A woman’s a two-face, a worrisome thing Who’ll leave you to sing the blues in the night

Now the rain’s a-fallin’, hear the train’s a-callin', whooee My mama done told me hear that lonesome whistle Blowin’ ’cross the trestle, whooee My mama done told me a-whooee ah-whooee old clickety-clack’s Echoin’ back the blues in the night

The evenin’ breeze will start the trees to cryin’ and the moon Will hide it’s light when you get the blues in the night And take my word, the mocking bird will sing the saddest kind of song He knows things are wrong and he’s so right

buckethead 7 years ago

the best advice my mother ever gave me 1.dont rely on the dog to watch your plate. 2.NEVER let me comb your hair when im mad at your father.

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