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What was your best birthday party ever?

Asked at St. John Catholic School on May 4, 2009

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Photo of Nathan Thomas

“My eighth birthday party, because I had a lot of friends over.”

Photo of Brendan Goscha

“My ninth birthday party, because we got to go go-karting.”

Photo of Jaden Moore

“My 10th birthday party, because I turned 10 years old and all my friends were there.”

Photo of Baylui Goscha

“Probably my 10th, because it was a surprise birthday party and a bunch of my friends were there and we got to go see a movie.”

Photo of Olivia Lemus

“My 10th, because all my family came and I got to see everybody.”

Photo of Joo-Young Lee

“Probably my third-grade party, because I had a swimming party and my friends were going crazy.”


Donnuts 4 years, 11 months ago

We had an overnight but before that we went to a place called Chuck E. Cheese's. It was great fun. We also played a bunch of video games on the game box at home.


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