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How do you stay upbeat in these hard economic times?

Asked at Checkers Foods, 23rd and Louisiana streets on March 13, 2009

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“We are from a more conservative country. … We spend according to our means.”

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“Take one day at a time.”

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“I don’t have to go to work … but I don’t get the holidays off anymore.”

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“Keep myself focused on the Lord and the real purpose of life … living each day to the fullest.”


H_Lecter 9 years ago

Sometimes I look around at all the dead bodies and think to myself, "Who's lucky?"

Maddy Griffin 9 years ago

I hang out with my grandkids.They don't have a clue about this mess so I escape to their world for a while each day. It's such an innocent place to be.

asleepinthechapel 9 years ago

Free State Beer. The one luxury I won't give up until it comes down to the Copperhead or feeding the cat. Mondays make it happen.

trinity 9 years ago

how do i stay upbeat in these hard economic times? plenty of Klondike bars, balloons, fruitcake, petting lemurs...and of course all my peeps on the ljw forums! :) friday friday friDAY friday friday friDAY friday friday friDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! conga, everybody!

dajudge 9 years ago

When was I ever upbeat? I can't stay upbeat if I never was.

zettapixel 9 years ago

These have been some of the best economic times for me. I don't know what everybody is complaining about!

RoeDapple 9 years ago

I stay upbeet by singing along with consumer1' lyrics.

I stay upbaet by singing along with consumer1' lyrics.

I stay upbete by singing along with consumer1' lyrics.

I stay upbeat by singing along with consumer1' lyrics.

Oh, you know what I mean.......................


bevy 9 years ago

I try to remember that there's nothing much I can do about it, and then spend carefully, save as much as I can, and just keep loving my family. Our grandparents lived through the depression - we can get through this. Fortunately, unlike many, I learned from my grandparents and am not struggling under loads of credit card debt!

HermioneElliott 9 years ago

Larry_The_Moocher, I hope the bum on the bench grabs the cattle prod and gives you a good poke. I am sorry for all the people enduring difficult times, but if I am miserable it is not not to make their lives any better. I just got an mp3 player and bought a Beach Boys album. President Obama brings a smile to my face. I have such faith in this man. He is going to be so good for this country.

Ceallach 9 years ago

Each morning I look in the mirror and say "You're good enough, you're smart enough and doggone it, people like you!"

Beyond that I just get in line behind Trinity friday friDAY friday friday friDAY friday friday fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Ceallach 9 years ago

and anyone who doesn't like me is a troll :P

sgtwolverine 9 years ago

I go photograph a sporting event. Sports are fun regardless of the economy.

Also, I read the headline about Madoff. That's a great way to lift a mood.

BorderRat 9 years ago

Partha, you forgot to add "Our kids do better in school than yours, and much of your jobs have been outsourced to my country." Oh, and have a nice day.

DukeBilgewater 9 years ago

I thank God I don't live in India or some other third world craphole.

BorderRat 9 years ago

The way things are going, I hope we don't look back on these hard economic times and refer to them as the good old days.

Ceallach 9 years ago

Ain't it the truth, bea. As someone who not only pays taxes but is ignorant enough to make my mortgage payments on time, I'm feeling beat up and left out.

beatrice 9 years ago

ceal, I agree, but not only do I feel beat up by those who tried to live beyond their means and now we are having to pay for their mistakes, don't forget the greed of the bankers giving out loans to people they knew could never afford them knowing all along that they would bundle the loans and sell them off. By making bogus claims of "it will appreciate, and you can refinance later" to both greedy and unsuspecting/naive borrowers, the lenders committed fraud on a mass scale. These bankers who oversaw such activity should be lined up and headed to prison in droves!

Or we should at least be able to hit bankers with a toaster at random, because I'm running out of shoes to throw at people who make me mad. urggggg

Ceallach 9 years ago

You mean instead of getting bailouts and salary bonuses? Maybe we could have the equivalent of a Tea Party but throw the bankers in the river. Hmm, just imagining it seems to help me feel more upbeat :)

pissedinlawrence 9 years ago

Its sad all the comments left about drinking when a 19 year just died from it. Maybe you should rethink how to stay strong in these hard times.

Ceallach 9 years ago

Are you referring to "all the comments left about drinking" on this thread?

1029 9 years ago

I've been using water to fill the bong instead of Dom Perignon. And instead of using my lighter to light a $100 bill and then using the bill to light the bowl, I just light the bowl directly with the lighter. It's amazing how much money I've saved.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

pissedinlawrence - the comments left about drinking were most likely left by adults, who by definition of the law, are old enough to drink.

bevy 9 years ago

I get on the LJWorld blogs and count how long it takes Larry to be grumpy about any given topic.

You must be so much fun at parties, Larry!

MyName 9 years ago

Its sad all the comments left about drinking when a 19 year just died from it.

Ah, so publishing the rules to the Larry_The_Moocher drinking game would be right out then...

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

"I know I speak for all Americans when I applaud March 12th President Obama for standing up to the politics of fear that have been cynically employed by February 5th President Obama. It’s time for 2/5 Obama to stop manipulating people’s emotions, just to try to make things harder for 3/12 Obama. In this time of crisis that isn’t actually that much of a crisis, Late-Winter O needs to learn how to work together with Early-Spring O. Americans didn’t vote for 2/5ths of success."

HermioneElliott 9 years ago

I am grateful for President Obama who is strong and competent, always focused on business, and does not allow himself to be distracted by disparaging remarks intended to draw him off course. His family is whole and healthy. He and his wife, Michele, obviously love each other so much. It is a joy to watch them together and with the children. It is refreshing and encouraging to see a family like that. I have faith, I have trust, I have hope.

beatrice 9 years ago

snap, not following your latest Obama whine. Are you saying that Obama should have been consistant in his statements on the economy every step of the way? If so, how did you justify McCain's "fundamentally sound economy" statements back in October, which he contradicted the following week?

Or are you just trying to blame the current economy on Obama? If so, that is just silly. When you trip and fall, do you blame the impact of the fall, or the thing that tripped you up in the first place? We were already toward economic free-fall when Obama was sworn in, and the impact was inevitable.

Or is this just your latest whine for whining's sake because you are a sore-loser whiner?

pissedinlawrence 9 years ago

mom of three> I hope you suffer, I hope your children become homeless drunks. HAHA oh btw you sound like an alcoholic to me!!

yellowhouse 9 years ago

These hard times make me more thankful for everything I have! I take a hot bath and am thankful I had the money to pay the bill to heat the water!

I am thankful my family is healthy. And I still have a business to run everyday!

I am thankful to be able to buy peoples things and help them put gas in their car or food on their table for the day!

There are so many good things in life, that I always just stay positive, and know things are going to work out. That is what gets me through the hard times!

trinity 9 years ago

combining ceal and bea's suggestions about bankers and toasters would absolutely bring a BIG smile to my face! provided the toasters are connected to electricity, of course...

JKBagby 9 years ago

I understand what you say LTM, not that I agree, but understand. However, if you grab a bottle of Lord Calvert and hang out with a homeless lady you have entertainment in a bag for hours. Otherwise it's catfish and High Life at home on the Weekends.

Dayle Hodges 9 years ago

I agree with HermioneElliott, President Obama always makes me smile too.....What's up with pissedinlawrence???

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