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What do you think of Kathleen Sebelius being picked as secretary of Health and Human Services?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on March 3, 2009

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Photo of Lexie Grob

“Well, I think the state of Kansas is going to miss her terribly, but I think she has a great opportunity.”

Photo of Kristen Bushouse

“I am excited for her because it will be great for the country, but I’m really sad to see her go.”

Photo of Donald Maris

“I think it will be a good move … to get somebody from the Midwest in there, and with a woman’s perspective, too.”

Photo of Stan Miller

“Kansas is glad to get rid of her … she’s a Democrat.”


jonas_opines 6 years ago

Good for her career, and that's all the opinion I've got on this, other than thoughts like Stan's are a large part of the problem, in my opinion.

Mixolydian 6 years ago

It's great for Kansas to have a Kansan in a high federal position. It doesn't happen often. Good for her. Good for Kansas

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

Since she was the second choice for that job, did she get a discount on the pay-to-play fee?

grammaddy 6 years ago

I think it's great.She will be missed.

schula 6 years ago

O-Bob--that is the scary part about her leaving Kansas. I think it is great for her but bad for the state.

trinity 6 years ago

i'm checking in with a ditto to schula and autie. and 8 years of brownback???!

Left_handed 6 years ago

Stan isn't a card-carrying, kool-aid drinking member of the Lawrence Liberal Loser club. He mirrors the sentiments of the majority of the citizens of Kansas, this one included.

Tony Kisner 6 years ago

I thought Kathy was not a bad Gov. but when she threw Western Kansas under the bus for her personal gain she lost me.

Naked ambition is hard to watch.

canyon_wren 6 years ago

As a former Kansas resident now living in a staunchly Republican state (Utah), I am sorry to see Sebelius leave Kansas. I think Kansas has always accomplished a lot in past years when there was a Democrat as governor. Utah has had its Democratic governors in spite of the state's general politics and that has worked very well. It's the lack of balance at the federal level that really worries me at this point.

nekansan 6 years ago

I find it funny that people think that her effort to deny the construction of new polluting Coal power plants was "throwing Western Kansas" under the bus. These were power plants to provide energy to other states who apparently are smart enough to not want them built in their backyard. Kansas is one of the best locations in the nation for Wind power and makes much more sense to invest in clean technologies for power generation rather than outdated coal plants. If we really need peak load capacity then the likely best solution for the future is Nuclear, and I suspect that a lot of the Coal supporters tunes would change if they started building another Wolf Creek in their back yard.

sgtwolverine 6 years ago

Everybody outside Kansas mispronounces her name. She should appeal to the Strongbad demographic by changing her last name to the easily-pronouncable Sibbie.

Fred Vance 6 years ago

Personally, I am glad she is gone.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

Thanks, R-I, for sending me to babelfish.

d_prowess 6 years ago

People are saying that with her leaving, Brownback will be the next governor in 2010. But why does her leaving have any effect on this? She couldn't run again anyway, so I don't see how this will effect the 2010 race at all. Explain why I might be wrong...

jonas_opines 6 years ago

Autie, that was sort of my impression as well.

I think I need a tri-lingual English -- German -- Reticent interpreter.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

I guess I had to have read that post then, and I guess I missed it. What was the gist?

Linda Aikins 6 years ago

Love you too MD!

We should get free root canals today!

Autie, I think cube root would have been 08-08-2008, then 27-27-, well, you know it wouldn't work...

deskboy04 6 years ago

Stan is a real estate investor.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

Man, now I really wish I had seen that pulled post!

TacoBob 6 years ago

"Speak for yourself Sam"

Uh, he did. Spoke his opinion, good for him.

"Good for her career, and that's all the opinion I've got on this, other than thoughts like Stan's are a large part of the problem, in my opinion."

How are his thoughts a large part of the problem? Sounds like he has his viewpoints, so what? A large part of the problem?

A kerfuffle in a teapot. .

jonas_opines 6 years ago

Only if you limit it to that one viewpoint, Tacobob. What if, hypothetically, our politicians viewed the other side of the aisle as scum not worth dealing with or that we'd simply be better off without them. Say that all Republicans are worthless simply by their party affiliations. That's going to be okay with you? Seriously? You think it's the way to achieve productivity within our government or our nation?

BrianR 6 years ago

Gootsie (Anonymous) says… "It is square root day!"

We celebrated by cutting root vegetables into squares.

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