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What is your favorite kind of Mexican food?

Asked at Speedway Shell, 1733 Mass. on June 26, 2009

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Photo of Brent Franzen

“I like traditional, authentic Mexican food.”

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Photo of Darrell Frank

“Whatever the daily lunch special is. … I like it all.”

Photo of Natalie Reschke

“Tamales and chili rellenos.”


H_Lecter 8 years ago

Authentic...You know, made from real Mexicans

Chris Ogle 8 years ago

Chicken on stick with soy sauce

hujiko 8 years ago

Enchiladas and the assortment of beans and rice.

Dayle Hodges 8 years ago

All of it! I really enjoy authentic Mexican food as opposed to "Tex Mex". I will miss being able to attend the St. John's Fiesta.

Rex Russell 8 years ago

It would have to be "Carnitas". Slow cooked chunks of spicy pork roast and warm tortillas. Can't get it at too many places.

Aileen Dingus 8 years ago

Rex- you beat me to it. mmm. Carnitas.

If carnitas is NOT available, I am happy happy when I find traditional Sonoran-style food- not a lot of goop on it, not a lot of cheese. Hot and spicy.

However, I do have a great Yucatan recipe, gleaned from the movie "Once Upon A Time In Mexico." The recipe and "technique" are actually on the DVD, but here's a link:

BigPrune 8 years ago

Taco Johns taco burger with green salsa (fire in the hole!), nachos with melted American cheese and lots of jalapenos (again, fire in the hole!). Then there is the baby sized steak burrito from Chipotle. I love their corn salsa mixed with their green chili salsa (ouch!) topped off with smoked tabasco (where's the tissue?). Takes me back to my travels in the hot Mexican desert when I realized I had a major chafing can't get more authentic than that.

overthemoon 8 years ago

blue harley

Agree. Cross eating. Yuk! Its possible for an imaginative chef to pull it off, but Pizza Hut is hardly in that category.

I'm not sure there's anywhere in town to get authentic "Mexican". In Mexico, you get a wide variety of foods depending on the locale. The platters of oily cheese smothered beans and glop have always struck me as an crude American adaptation of Sonoran style food, which is much more interesting than the ubiquitous taco/enchilada/burrito platter.

zettapixel 8 years ago

Pues me gustan los tacos de carne asada con friojles, arroz, y horchata para tomar.

jaywalker 8 years ago

I'll second the Salma Hayek plate. Hubba hubba!

Aileen Dingus 8 years ago

Informed- I usually just make it in a cast iron dutch oven. I never even bothered to look for banana leaves. lol Maybe next time I make it I will.

I wonder if corn leaves would work? hmmm...

denak 8 years ago

Enchiladas verde with chicken, no sour cream.

Music_Girl 8 years ago

quesadillas (sp?), nachos, taco salads, chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas...mmmm...

zettapixel 8 years ago

For all you Salma lovers out there... watch the movie Frida. You'll be glad you did! ;)

mleanna 8 years ago

I think for the first time ever, I'm in agreement with Tom. My answer was going to be "Do margaritas count as food?"

sustainabilitysister 8 years ago

I like ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from El Matador! They make the best guacamole!

Ronda Miller 8 years ago

Chile relleno, fish tacos, but chips and salsa from El Matador.

Ceallach 8 years ago

Anything from a Pato's in the Rio Grande Valley , , , mmmm , , , about time to take another trip to see the fam (and the Pato's in San Juan :).

d_prowess 8 years ago

Chile Rellenos and enchiladas are my favorite, but sometimes a good hard shell taco is like heaven.
Also, can everyone agree that you should never be made to pay for chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant?!

gsxr600 8 years ago

Whatever won't leave me on the toilet for 3 days

boy_genius 8 years ago

H_Lecter, your comment would be funny if not for your screen name. Now I'm seriously creeped out.

zettapixel 8 years ago

Hey Ceallach... originally from the Valley or do you just have family there? I'm originally from Corpus Christi and visited family in the Valley often. I've never heard of Pato's... I'll have to check it out! My favorite place down there is La Parrilla in Edinburg... they had these amazing dishes called botana platters. mmmmm

dajudge 8 years ago

The Kalback Yes at El Rancho in Holcmb with a gordita.

coolmarv 8 years ago

The kind that is going to be served this Friday and Saturday at St. John's Fiesta. 1234 Kentucky Great food and entertainment. and beer.

Mixolydian 8 years ago

Taco burgers and combo burritos from Taca Casa in Topeka. grease.

No seriously...they're great.

sherbert 8 years ago

Ummm, I think I'll make burritos for dinner tonight!

beatrice 8 years ago

I'll second the vote for Chicken molé! One of the great things about living in Phoenix -- many wonderful restaurant choices with true variety, from spicy Sonoran to fresh southern Mexican cuisine. Yum. Also, plenty of shopping for the right ingredients for cooking at home. We usually have tacos at least once a week -- beef or fish. Yum. Yum.

gphawk89 8 years ago

Chicken Chimichanga. Mi Casa in Breckenridge makes a great Chimi dinner.

Mini-Chimi's from Jose Pepper's in Kansas City.

Anything from Casa Bonita in Denver - not so much for the food any more, but for the ambiance.

gphawk89 8 years ago

Oh, I almost forgot, mini-tacos from Jose Falcon's in Boquillas. Gotta cross the Rio Grande in a rowboat and ride a ways on a burro to get there, but they're worth it.

SouthernBelle 8 years ago

boy_genius (Anonymous) says…

H_Lecter, your comment would be funny if not for your screen name. Now I'm seriously creeped out.

I thought it was hilarious!

And, I have to say it again - Margaritas!! With lots of fresh guac and chips.

monkeyspunk 8 years ago

My grandmother's rice was my favorite, always put peas and carrots in it. She ate it with bananas some times, I never tried. She made enchiladas without any excess sauce that I have tried to replicate with zero success. Meat, cheese, onion, spice, flour tortilla, and sauce. Pitiful. They were amazing.

I think a much better question would be, what is your favorite Mexican restaurant in Lawrence! Then let the wars begin!

believingone 8 years ago

Tortas Jalisco has the BEST Mexican food in town!!! The chicken tacos are wonderful! Great guacamole! The sopapillas are to die for!!! They have daily and monthly specials, so you can always try something new.

Ceallach 8 years ago

z-pix, not born there but families been there several decades :) Still have mother and one sister in San Juan and another sister in Mission. Throughout the winter my mother calls to let me know the temperature on her deck and remind me that I should be there :) Big problem is its hard to make a living there and my children and grandchildren are here. Warm winters are nice but they do not out weigh grandchildren :)

Ceallach 8 years ago

btw z-pix, you are sooooo right about the botana platters. When they arrive everyone says, "Oh, there is so much food!" Yet, by the end of the evening there are no leftovers :)

Kirk Larson 8 years ago

Carnitas w/side of rice and beans.

countrygirl 8 years ago

About anything from Frontera's in KC. We go to the one on Quivera.

jumpin_catfish 8 years ago

Pollo Fundido, look out Cielito Lindo.

purplesage 8 years ago

It needs to have green sauce. Hard to come by around here.

What about a favorite restuarant? Nothing like La Fonda in Flagstaff or some place down near the Diamondbacks stadium. But - we are in Kansas, aren't we?

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

purplesage, tried Tortas? their green sauce is wonderful!

Rex: also go to Tortas for the best carnitas in town.

now as to my favorite: El matador does 'nopales' (sp?) the cactus, Jpepper, pork spices, all cooked so d----d good together! I love that stuff.
its not on their menu, you have to phone ahead and they'll do it for you; only restaurant in lawrence serving the cactus as far as I know! yuuumm!

SusieCreamcheeze 8 years ago

Chicken Enchiladas when Alma brings them to work

storm 8 years ago

Green chile. Green chile on potatoes, on rice, on toast, on a tostada with a fried egg, on a chile on guacamole, Forrest Gump. Green chile, not the country, not the stew with meat and beans, but the vegetable, green chile.

Aguilar 8 years ago

There nothing better than a good tamale, except for a good enchilada. By good, I mean it has to be made with Art's enchilada sauce.

djgratt59 8 years ago

Gordo's Mexiteria in Tucson (now closed) El Tiemp on Washington Ave, Houston, for the Margaritas

purplesage 8 years ago

bearded-gnome, thaks for the tip. I'll have to give it a try. For all my griping, I remember being in college in KY and not even Taco Bell had made it this far east. We had my parents ship tortillas to us because tey weren't avaialable.

I could eat Mexican a couple days a week and similarly Chinses. Leave off the Italian (expcept Lasagne) and the fish.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

wow PS, that's rough!

I sorta grew up on pretty authentic mexican food in central california. used to enjoy eating the whole roasted Jpeppers, youmm.

Tortas' green sauce is loaded with tomatillos (sp?).

Aisling 8 years ago

anything from 'Ted's' in Oklahoma City

Aguilar 8 years ago

Marion, remember when you tried to argue that it was the democrats who are racist and not the republicons? That was funny.

Aguilar 8 years ago

Marion, when you manage to talk about illegal aliens under the topic of favorite Mexican foods, you definately have a problem with Mexicans.

-Michael Aguilar

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