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Do you have a Facebook page?

Asked at Lawrence High School on June 22, 2009

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Photo of Nathaniel Mehl

“Yes, to talk to friends.”

Photo of Hayden Martin

“Yes, just to talk to friends.”

Photo of Cami Ford

“I do, because it’s the ‘in’ thing, and it’s a good way to communicate with friends.”

Photo of Mikaela Shelton

“Yes, because I like to talk to my friends on it.”

Photo of Nick Mockus

“Yes, I do, because it’s a good way to talk to friends, and there is cool stuff to do on there.”

Photo of Megan Flory

“Yes, I do, because it’s fun. I like talking to people a lot.”


ruette 9 years ago

Why at Lawrence High School? This is one of those dog-bites-man vs man-bites-dog news questions; it's not news when high school kids are on Facebook. Ask on Mass at Weaver's, or maybe even Brandon Woods or the Senior Center. Now that would be more interesting!

Mary Darst 9 years ago

I'm really into the farm game. In the summer I enjoy a little more no thinking stuff to do. I do talk to my family and just a few select people.

Dayna Lee 9 years ago

I'm hooked. I wish some of the LJWorld groupies would move to Facebook. That way they could talk to each other without ruining stories and insulting people. I love it for sharing upcoming events too!

jonas_opines 9 years ago

My wife is addicted to that farm game too. First game other than Tetris that I've ever seen her get addicted to.

schula 9 years ago

Yes, to stay in touch with high school friends and to check up on my seventeen year old niece

Boston_Corbett 9 years ago

again advice from Marion, the expert here on spa..... oops, I mean marketing.

beatrice 9 years ago

Interesting that every single person asked said they like it "to talk to friends."

No, kids, you aren't talking to friends. You are staying in touch with friends with electronic communication (and I'm not talking with you now). While you can talk on the phone with others, it is best when you can talk face to face, to see the nuances of facial expressions, body language, etc.. Talking is far from what we do on Facebook.

I recently heard (read?) of someone comparing their years traveling the world and staying at youth hostels to what happens today. In the past, people would gather in the common area and talk to one another, meet people from around the world and share stories. Staying at hostels were always active, exciting, interactive experiences. Now, everyone is silent, ignoring those around, as people sit in chairs focusing on their handheld device of choice in order to be "in touch" with their friends back home.

I think we have lost something significant with this latest wave of electronic communication.

(Of course, this makes me sound terribly out of touch, and old. I guess I'll next be yelling at those kids to get off my lawn, too. Sigh.)

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

No honest person needs 50 facebook pages.

Leslie Swearingen 9 years ago

Some of us have never had enough money to travel all over the world. I am not that much into face to face communication. I prefer Twitter, Facebook, or blogging. The Internet is far more than games and gossip. There is a lot of information from reputable sources that you can research. Don't forget online banking and billpaying. Getting songs for your MP3 player from Rhapsody, getting books from Amazon, sending pictures to Walmart to be printed out. The history of Quiddich.

BigPrune 9 years ago

I imagine within the next few days there will be a local article about Facebook.

Ceallach 9 years ago

Yes, also for keeping up with family and friends (particularly those who live far away), but so far have not had time to check out the bells and whistles.

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

I wonder who "Mr. Blu-Blocker" on facebook could be......

Deja Coffin 9 years ago

I love facebook for the most part because I get to communicate with people I haven't gotten to talk to in a long time. It's also easier to IM friends then explain why my kids are screaming over a princess shoe in the background. The only negative thing about facebook is that if you don't add your mother-in-law she constantly wants to know why you haven't "friended" her yet and then once you break down and add her you get to look forward to comments on every single thing/status you post.

Kat Christian 9 years ago

Yes I do have facebook and I'm hooked on Farm Town too. I like it because keeps me intimately in touch with my family and friends back East. Just the little things like 'I'm going to bed now" or I'm sick of this rain" or "just planted my 5th bush in my yard" I just like knowing the little things that my family and friends do and so often these are left out of telephone conversations because we are always talking about or catching up with the more prominent things that happen in our lives. If I need to further a chat session with more complicated words, comments and questions than I call the person. But most of the time I'm in the middle of doing stuff - stop to take a moment to check out my facebook page. I love it. I'm addicted to it.

devobrun 9 years ago

Imagine there's no facebook. Its easy if you try. No cell phone babble Only people talking live

Imagine all the people Living here and now.

Imagine there's no helpers It isn't hard to do Nothing to whine or cry for And no religion too

Imagagine living life complete

You may say I'm a Luddite But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us

And you will become whole

Thanks JL

Maddy Griffin 9 years ago

Face book is great. I've found long lost relatives and stay in touch with friends and family that way. And we can do it on a day-to-day basis with out paying long distance charges. Really important stuff still comes over the phone, though. I'm the only one left with a land line.

devobrun 9 years ago

sunshine, you are living a reality created for you by engineers.

Think about it. Your feelings are a result of a keystroke on a computer keyboard, followed by reading text from the beyond. All information carried by electromagnetic fields in wires.

Packets of digitally encoded feelings, separated by preambles, Blackman coding, error correction coding.

Telephones, radios, televisions, cell phones, internet, twitter, facebook, e-mail, movies,......... You are part of the Borg.

Feels good. Feels real. Feels.

I feel therefore I am.

My guess is that you never even thought about the swaying of your feelings by things electronic.

Modern life means checking your brain at the door.

monkeyspunk 9 years ago

Facebook is AWESOME! I mean what could be better?

All I need is your first and last name and there is an excellent chance I can find out when and where you graduated high school from. From there I can find a list of people in your class! Wow! Then with that I can very easily send you a "friend" request, pretending to be someone from your class and BAM, I have access to all your random ravings and such. AWESOME!

What can I do from there you ask? depends on what kind of pictures you post or the information you provide. Patterns of activity are very easy to pick up on. Going to the bar tonight? Posting during working hours? Tisk tisk. I wonder if your boss would want to know about that...

Or, if I am really savvy, I can get you to install some malicious program, because I made you think that it is this awesome app for you IPhone you can use to update your facebook with! Once that is accomplished I have your computer and everything you, tip tap type on it.

Ah, Facebook is AWESOME! Any time you get millions of idiots together, there is so much potential.

H_Lecter 9 years ago

Well, I do have collection of faces, but they're not in a book.

KansasPerson 9 years ago

Monkeyspunk: Lots of people don't accept Friend requests unless they actually know the person. I for one have declined requests from people I do not know. You just have to be canny. It's hard to believe that there are people careless enough to install something from an unknown/untrusted source, but I know it's true....

Marion, I didn't know you could have more than one "personal" page; however I did know that you can have a personal page but also run a page for a business or a band or something. Is that the sort of thing you mean?

I have all my ads turned off -- I don't even see them -- so I don't benefit (if that is the word I want) from any of the marketing and such.

Dejacrew, friend the M.O.L, but then personalize your settings so she's on the "exception" list for seeing the same things that your (pardon me) "real" friends can see. It's quite easy and a good way to filter things for the people you want to be polite to but not intimate with.

Beatrice, don't worry too much. People thought the invention of the telephone would spell the end of face-to-face communication. Hasn't happened yet.

Facebook fills a need; face-to-face conversation fills another need. There's room for both.

My personal theory is that Facebook is feeding a hard-wired need we have to keep in touch with our circle on trivial matters. There was a time when people lived in close proximity and didn't move away when they grew up. Your people were pretty much in your pocket for your entire life. Now that we're all scattered, we don't have that connection. Facebook and Twitter appear to feed that need (however I can't get into Twitter; I am just not THAT interested).

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