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Should we return to the moon?

Asked at The Merc, 901 Iowa on June 16, 2009

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Photo of Matt McClanahan

“Yes we should, definitely. We’re learning a lot about it and we might have a chance to have a life up there sometime in the near future.”

Photo of Barry Lee

“Yes, eventually. I think now, economically, it doesn’t make sense.”

Photo of Carolyn Micek

“Emphatically NO! We have plenty of issues here on the planet to solve; global warming, the health care crisis and sustainable energy.”

Photo of Susan Keim

“I think eventually we should return to the moon, but right now we have other, bigger issues.”


Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Yes, I left my keys behind a rock.

RoeDapple 7 years ago

Don't care for the cheese.......

beawolf 7 years ago

In the words of the immortal Buzz Lightyear, "To Infinity and Beyond".

Kirk Larson 7 years ago

Absolutely. We have benefited a lot from the space program. I think we would get back more than we put in. We need the moon to test all the equpment we'll need for exploring Mars. And since the Mars ship will likely be nuclear of some sort, we should build it in orbit around the moon and not Earth.

salad 7 years ago

Use a robot. Cheaper and advances technology faster.

trinity 7 years ago

is it ralph cramden that's asking?

gccs14r 7 years ago

We need to figure out a way off of this rock other than by brute force. Chemical rockets are inelegant, wasteful, and dangerous.

salad 7 years ago

“Yes we should, definitely. We’re learning a lot about it and we might have a chance to have a life up there sometime in the near future.”

I love this optimism....obviously NOT an engineering major. Sorry Matt, this is the only planet we can live on. If we make this one un-livable, we're done. We can't live on the moon or on Mars in the near future, the distant future, or anyother time: that's why it's called science FICTION.

beatrice 7 years ago

Return? We've never left and the moon zombies don't need oxygen. I fear for when they do return.

Deja Coffin 7 years ago

Is the sound stage where the moon walk was taped still available?

Tony Kisner 7 years ago

I think the purpose of us going to the moon the first time was to scare the Russians, because they scared us.

I'm not so sure doing the same trick is as scary and I am not sure the Taliban would care that much.

jimmibling 7 years ago

Are we looking for a good solid bank or Auto maker?

labmonkey 7 years ago

I've always wanted to meet Ignignokt and Err.

labmonkey 7 years ago

"You and you're puny 3 dimensions, we have 5,000."

labmonkey 7 years ago

"On the moon, the weekend has advanced beyond your wildest dreams. Weekends now take up the entire week, and jobs have been phased out accordingly. We get checks from the government. And we use them to buy beer."

labmonkey 7 years ago

"It's time to send a message, Er. I mean, a message, Er. Not a messenger."

Leslie Swearingen 7 years ago

Emphatically yes! I am all for space exploration and I think it should be people exploring, not machines. It is all about going out there and learning first hand what the universe has to offer. We will be terraforming other planets in time. Science is all about asking questions about our world and our galaxy and our universe. Science and technology are halves of a whole. Without both of them I would not be sitting here tapping on this keyboard.

Tony Kisner 7 years ago

Labmonkey - take me to your leader.

dajudge 7 years ago

Obama spelled backwards is Amabo. Heh,heh.

gccs14r 7 years ago

NASA's budget is tiny in comparison to some other programs.

Kirk Larson 7 years ago

dajudge (Anonymous) says… Obama spelled backwards is Amabo. Heh,heh.

Amabo in Latin is "I will love". Apt, don't you think?

Kirk Larson 7 years ago

awrenceguy40 (Anonymous) says… Most people who study these things now acknowledge that the lunar landings were a hoax. Armstrong refuses to give any interviews and Aldrin has a habit of thumping anyone who may suggest he didn't walk on the moon.

Most people who study these things (i.e., the denyers) are b@ts%&t insane. And if I were Aldrin, I would thump anyone who suggested I hadn't been a part of one of humankind's greatest achievements.

Shane Garrett 7 years ago

If man were ment to fly he would have wings. Since man has no wings; man has never been able to fly. If no one has ever been able to fly, then no one has ever gone to the moon. So everyone just be quiet and listen for the silent jihad that is just around the corner.

Leslie Swearingen 7 years ago

Well, just check out Science is alive and well in America. There are a lot of space related projects going on. I believe that some did poorly in science in school and are embarrassed by that, so they attack it. You can learn at any age.

labmonkey 7 years ago

“Emphatically NO! We have plenty of issues here on the planet to solve; global warming, the health care crisis and sustainable energy.”

— Carolyn Micek, acupuncturist, Lawrence

And Carolyn's teeth.

notajayhawk 7 years ago

Wouldn't that inevitably lead to anthropogenic lunar warming?

RidgeRunner (Anonymous) says…

"BTW, them mirrors helped in informing science that the moon in moving away from the earth at a rate of about 1.5” a year."

Wow. Good thing we caught it when we did.

What are they planning on doing about that, BTW? Heck, in another century, that'll add 12-1/2 feet to that 238,000 miles!!!

jumpin_catfish 7 years ago

space is relly cool man but we need build a homless shelter dudes.

Whoa, I was channeling waka for minute.

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