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Would paying fees to use Park and Rec. facilities alter how often you use them?

Asked at The Community Building, 115 W. 11th St. on June 10, 2009

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Photo of Tully Corcoran

“It would depend on how the fees are charged. If they were monthly, I’d probably pay it. If it was a daily fee, that would deter me from coming as often as I usually do.”

Photo of Nick Conrad

“I’d probably choose somewhere else because I like to just play basketball. I don’t want to pay to play basketball.”

Photo of Chris Mosely

“No, I don’t think so, as long as it’s going toward a good cause.”

Photo of Jesse Hardy

“Yes, it probably would affect me. I probably wouldn’t come as often.”


Chris Ogle 9 years ago

At least they didn't ask the question at the Merc.

canyon_wren 9 years ago

So, how many times is THIS question going to be reworded and sent around? I believe it was asked in some form not long ago.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

The one cent sales tax is being spent on a new and rather large 1,505 Clinton Lake Regional Park at a cost in the neighborhood of $15,000,000. This large acreage will also require a lot of maintenance that once did not cost taxpayers anything. This looks a lot like PLAY that was not all that popular among citizens.

I say PLAY is the hidden agenda behind the USD 497 $15,000,000 - $20,000,000 athletics project and the $15,000,000 - $20,000,000 Clinton Lake Regional Park project.

Both tax increasing projects should have received taxpayer approval before moving forward just as the T expense did. No doubt the Chamber,School Board and Commissioners were doubtful taxpayers would approve.

jaywalker 9 years ago

Considering the facilities are a haven for youth in the city, some who might spend their time unwisely elsewhere, this is a really bad idea.
I played ball there all the time when in Lawrence. It definitely would have effected me.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

Clinton Lake Regional Park Expenditure

Taxpayers can only hope that the USD 497 athletic project expenditure and the Clinton Lake Regional Park expenditure somehow generate a ton of tourism dollars. However laying out this many tax dollars without knowing is a big risk to taxpayers. And it will take years and years to recover the tax dollars as ongoing leasing, maintenance and staffing expenses pile on.

We shall see.

SpeedRacer 9 years ago

I already pay fees for the parks & rec facilities I use.

Tony Kisner 9 years ago

I think the guy who robbed Mr. Goodcents needed some cash to go swimming.

KansasPerson 9 years ago

As I commented after reading yesterday's story:

I wouldn't mind throwing some money in a donation box at a Lawrence City Band Concert.

But for some reason, the idea of an advertising logo being painted at the bottom of the city pool just makes me ill.

And I'm not too happy about the idea of charging toddlers for access to the South Park wading pool. I personally know parents who take their children there to cool off because they cannot afford the “big” pool. I know “it's just a dollar” but they are just little tiny babies! Sheesh!

On the other hand, I don't mind charging for the Nature Center too much.

So, bottom line is, I'm inconsistent today.

Leslie Swearingen 9 years ago

What in the heck is a hick? This is the first time I have saw this word. I remember a time when I wrote, please stay on topic, people, and goodness, gracious, but everyone jumped on me like I was the winning pitcher in the World Series. Since then, I just go with the flow. Has everyone on here voted for the All Stars game? I vote Red Sox and Cards. You can vote 25 times.

schula 9 years ago

I am voting for Cubs players and not sure about the American League.

Oh, and I would pay a fee for some things offered by P & R.

ralphralph 9 years ago

Make the parks and rec facilities free, and start charging to sit home on the sofa watching Cartoon Network or playing PS3.

PapaB 9 years ago

Why is it that all the new sports facilities are being built on the West side of town?

Also, fees should never be applied to existing P&R usage, just charge for the usage of these new, expensive facilities, since I won't be using them until the SLT is finished and I don't have to drive 25-30 minutes to get there from within Lawrence.

I'll continue to take my kids to Eudora for their sports, since they are not getting facilities-crazy and are keeping the fees affordable.

Milka 9 years ago

There's a new complex being built? This just seems ridiculous. I do use the Community Building multiple times a week...and I enjoy it, yet at the same time I wouldn't pay for it. Why? Because if I'm going to pay for gym use, I might as well go to a "state of the art" facility where I'd pay around $20 a month... Running/biking outside for free is a better option for me than paying to use the gym. I go and work out while watching my friends in their intramural basketball league. I think this facility is wonderful for everyone in Lawrence, especially those without money. I agree whoever commented before about how fees should be attached to the new building...but instead of a new building, how about slowly revamping or adding onto the previous building? Or how about just paying the LPR teachers more money? Hrmmm??

Jaylee 9 years ago

im confused by those plans for the new Clinton Lake park? it sounds more like a rezoning than an actual new park being built.

would I have access to the golf course etc. with my State Park pass? that would be tight if it were all-inclusive!

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

When are they doing "Marmots in the Park Day"?

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