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What is the best Sidewalk Sale deal you found?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 17, 2009

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Photo of Lynsey Payne

“Some camis at Envy’s, two for $10.”

Photo of Christy Church

“The food.”

Photo of Wallace Tsosie

“Kettle popcorn, $3 for a huge bag.”

Photo of Craig Krueger

“Tennis shoes over at Francis Sporting Goods.”


Chris Ogle 8 years, 8 months ago

What is the best Sidewalk Sale deal you found?

4foot x 4foot slab for only 19.95, plus shipping and handling

Richard Heckler 8 years, 8 months ago

It's been known that wool blend socks do not allow the feet to sweat near as much. Work kept me away till later in the day so may have misssed a reduced sale price.... I'll never know. However all was not lost.

Research revealed Sunflower's normal everyday prices are quite competitive on wool blend socks. Two pair at fair prices were purchased. The feet are smiling today which is the bargain.

Weavers had what I call day gowns that my mother likes to wear around which were not on the sidewalk. My wife went inside and found two marked down sufficiently = good deal and happy mom. She is in LMH going through some physical therapy and these two "dusters" made her smile yesterday = always a bargain.

The sidewalk sale is such a great opportunity for Lawrence I say let's change it a bit into a full blown carnival.

Let's reorganize a little = make it crazier and even more fun.

Block off Mass between 7th and 10th.

Have musicians play from 11 til ?

Invite local nurseries and local farmers to set up in the street

DO two sidewalk sales: The first Saturday after April 15th

The second Saturday in October

Why two at those dates: KU and public school is in session = more people available locally and from surrounding communities ( folks are back from vacations)

Have items inside the stores marked down some as well. Make the whole shopping visit worth while.

Start planning for October ..... make it on a game day = even more fun for sports fans. After all with home games being outsourced here's an opportunity to make up the revenue loss.


dandelion 8 years, 8 months ago

I made it downtown just as KPR was packing up their table. Got 2 free KPR coffee mugs. I bought several t shirts for anywhere from 10-5 dollars. My casual wardrobe is covered for awhile.

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