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Should bottled water be regulated?

Asked at The Merc, 901 Iowa on July 11, 2009

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Photo of John Naughtin

“I’ve stopped buying bottled water; we purchase bulk water.”

Photo of Jessica Snyder

“Yes, because it does fill up land fills and there is no need for that.”

Photo of Isaac Lewis-O'Connor

“I think it should because the level of monitoring is a lot better on tap water.”

Photo of Chris Sack

“Sure. … (A lot) of people are relying on that water to be clean (and safe).”


Chris Ogle 8 years, 10 months ago

“I’ve stopped buying bottled water; we purchase bulk water.” — John Naughtin, Graphic designer, Lawrence

Do you put that "bulk" water in bucket or what?

3up3down 8 years, 10 months ago

I let Mother Earth provide my water. We are on well water and it is free from most of the chemicals the city puts in their water. No plastic to recycle.

Flap Doodle 8 years, 10 months ago

Use the empty bottles to store waste. Prepare for the coming urine shortage.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 10 months ago

Most bottled water is no different from city water. An inexpensive simple charcoal filter attached to the sink water will improve the flavor. Then buy a stainless steel bottle for work or play and save hundreds of dollars.

A home distiller or reverse osmosis unit will clean the water, improve the taste in addition to saving hundreds of dollars if you are a buyer of bottled water.

Most likely some individuals are spending close to a thousand dollars a year on plastic bottled water.... nickle dime at a time. Giving this up will more than pay for a distiller or reverse osmosis or simple charcoal filter plus several stainless steel bottles for work or play.

Fort_Aubrey 8 years, 10 months ago

Thinking about getting some of that Space Station recycled water. I understand the Shuttle flies back empty anyway.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 10 months ago

When traveling load up one gallon containers in order to continue filling up individual personal containers. Saving hundreds of dollars annually is more fun.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 10 months ago

What type of regulation is the question addressing?

On this matter it is my belief that the regulation should be left to the consumers while at the same time encouraging consumers to investigate what they are buying instead of being so easily duped. This is the only way to keep corporate america in check.

Perhaps beginning in junior high years parents and the school district might consider teaching their children it is always better to question corporate america. Then teach investigation.

Mary Darst 8 years, 10 months ago

They just need to quit bottleing water in plastic all together. When the situation is extreme(totally undrinkable water), then it should be glass and have a deposit on that. When we managed a club, it was absolutly rediculas has much waste there was. Budwieser needs to figure out how to get those bottles back and recycle. We would carry hundres of pounds of glass only to to be put in the trash and go to the dump. Plus all the plastic from bottled pop. All the aluminum cans. Wasteful.

Kathy Theis-Getto 8 years, 10 months ago

snap_pop_no_crackle (Anonymous) says…

Use the empty bottles to store waste. Prepare for the coming urine shortage.

We're saving our urine and will certainly be rich one day!

GardenMomma 8 years, 10 months ago

I think the regulation is referring to what goes into the water, not the plastic bottle disposal quandry.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years, 10 months ago

I always spring for the expensive stuff... deuterium oxide... you know, just to keep my circadian rhythms attuned.

igby 8 years, 10 months ago

Screw you people that whine about the tiny plastic bottles filling up the land fill because your the dumbest people on earth. The bottles smash and take up very little space in the landfill. Besides, all you tapheads are drinking clora-coated turd water even with a line filter. From Topeka and every other town up river that's dumping septic waste and a hundred thousand other different chemicals from their sewer plant into the river. Think about all those turds and go head and cook your pasta in tap water. Lol.

I'd rather trust a bottle of water that a city government with the safety of the drinking water. The bottle water company can be sued if they screw up and jailed. These city governments will just say, "oh well we're no perfect sorry we killed you". The city government has no control of what's up stream and could kill you any day of the week with bad water and the only way they would know it is if people start dieing and getting sick. They don't test for every possible contaminate.

Bottled water is transportable and easy to store or easy to keep cold. All containers that are used to store water from the tap are bulky and you have to use a cup or glass which increases your carbon foot print because you have to use 10 time the volume of water just to clean the glass or cup, stupid.

Oh, and your in line tap filter tha'ts been setting under your sink since 1999, is packed full of slime and bacteria and your better off drinking straight from the tap without all that slime, yuk.

labmonkey 8 years, 10 months ago

If you ban bottled water, all you will do is up the consumption of soda (if you take away water from pop machines), which is unhealthy. People are drinking much more water thanks to bottled water... and now the environmental crazies want to take that away.

Also, many municipalities and rural water systems have water that is undrinkable. My parents' tap water literally smells like chlorine... would you ask them to quit drinking bottled water?

cfdxprt 8 years, 10 months ago


While I will agree that bottles crush to almost nothing, millions times a small number is still a number. Plus, there's oil that goes into making those bottles; oil better spent burning in my car, or my power tools.

I believe you're delusional about the quality of most bottled water, except for a few products, which I won't name here, they're about equivalent to tap water - in fact most of them just come from the tap. Maybe with a charcoal filter for taste.

We've got a Brita filter that we replace at the proper intervals. We use glasses, but I tend to use the same water glass for several days in a row, which is probably 5-10 gallons going through it at the rate I drink water. Then I wash it, that requires about a glass and a half of waste water.

There's many high horses to get on, but unless you have a water budget of thousands of dollars a year to get premium, really treated water, you're probably throwing your money away, for benefits you believe are there, but aren't.

GardenMomma 8 years, 10 months ago

The whole regulation of bottled water is to make sure the bottlers don't use "clora-coated turd water." It has nothing to do with land fill and plastic bottles.

How did this turn into a debate about plastic bottles and landfills? Yes, the bottles do take up room, even if they're flattened and squished. Tens of thousands of flat, squished bottles will take up a lot of room. That's common sense.

pace 8 years, 10 months ago

bottle fee, done in a lot of states, to address the plastic container costs. reduces trash, litter, and . I vote yes on a bottle fee, No on charging kids to go to the library.

bearded_gnome 8 years, 10 months ago

When traveling load up one gallon containers in order to continue filling up individual personal containers. Saving hundreds of dollars annually is more fun.

---one poster's definition of "fun."

asked at the Merc ..."


that would be like: "do you believe that there should be increased regulations resulting in increased cost of drinking beer?

asked at Freestate Brewery."

wth is "bulk water" do I reach in the bin and scoop it out like the bulk grains and the bulk coffee?

some of what Igby said is correct and I agree with Labmonkey.

there are chemicals in the city water that the city can't filter effectively, and your slimey under sink filter or Britta filter can't get either. some of the most common are a steady background of birth control medicines and byproducts, as well as antidepressants.

so there is medicine in that tap water you're drinkin' whether you choose or not.

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