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Do you think the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay should be transferred to Fort Leavenworth?

Asked at Munchers Bakery, 925 Iowa on January 24, 2009

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Photo of Sandra Zimdars-Swartz

“I think that the United States needs to be willing to take on its own soil certain prisoners … (at) the most secure place in the United States, and that may or may not be Leavenworth.”

Photo of Blue Barrand

“No, I think they should be sent to Alcatraz.”

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“I think it is a very complex situation, (but) I would like to see it closed.”

Photo of Marshall Coplen

“No. … They’re not citizens of the United States. … They should be tried in a military tribunal.”


labmonkey 9 years, 3 months ago

Hell NO!!! Keep Gitmo open. I thought the point was to keep terrorists off US we want to bring them here? Give them a military tribunal and be done with it already. Bad move by Obama.

Jennifer Forth 9 years, 3 months ago

If they were actually guilty of anything, sure, but no trials means we do not know! We cannot hold people indefinitely as if this war is going to be over next week.

Richard Heckler 9 years, 3 months ago

beobachter - at first I liked your thinking however the innocent until proven guilty would be in great danger in the hands of merciless GW Bush. They do not deserve another round of torture. What did these people do?What laws were violated?Are they terrorists because the PNAC thinking BUSHCO admin claims they were?Would anyone want their family members held without charges for years and years? How can this be legal?In 2001 a new Hitler moved into the white house and was being led by PNAC's policy document, "Rebuilding America's Defences," openly advocates for total global military domination. Many PNAC members held highest-level positions in the George W. Bush administration. Why do we want to spend more tax dollars holding people for no reason? This is unacceptable USA government behavior?Where is the hard evidence? Why did the USA governmenthaul these people into jail with no evidence to justify.This illegal behavior could be applied to anyone of us if a member of the government disagreed with a political position one might be sharing with others.I say ditch this whole process and wipe any law on the books that supports this questionable behavior. I say send them home to their families. Most any court would have freed them for lack of charges and/or evidence.Finally after 6 years and no hard evidence of any wrong doing! Send them home! This is kind of Hitlerish behavior.The 9/11/01 culprits who died on 9/11/01 were camped near the White House in Maryland for about two years. They were but a few blocks away from NSA headquarters and the NSA knew it. Who dropped the ball? Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rummy and Gen Hayden of the NSA. Any one of these people could have authorized the FBI to stop the endeavor. The FBI was not notified. This has been in the news.

Chris Ogle 9 years, 3 months ago

“No, I think they should be sent to Alcatraz.”— Blue Barrand, retired CPA, Lawrence--------------------------------------------------------What he said

garrenfamily 9 years, 3 months ago

Don't forget, something like 60 detainees that have been released have committed other acts of terrorism...since their release. And...the man you say is responsible for Gitmo, also kept us safe from other terrorist attacks on our soil for the past 7 years.

Richard Heckler 9 years, 3 months ago

How did GW Bush protect america from other terrorist attacks? Bush did not stop 9/11/01 which was right under his nose. High up in the admin someone had to know because the NSA knew.No attack could ever have been launched from the mideast due to such heavy USA military presence in the area plus the 10 year old no fly zone was very much in effect. Navy planes were constantly taking out Iraq radar and anti aircraft sites. The GW Bush did not protect america from this attack. The 9/11/01 culprits who died on 9/11/01 were camped near the White House in Maryland for about two years. They were but a few blocks away from NSA headquarters and the NSA knew it. The motel could be seen from NSA headquarters. And the two "leaders" came to the USA by way of San Diego through legal channels in spite of their names being listed as suspected terrorists in the computer. The CIA lost track of these two in Yemen.Who dropped the ball? Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rummy and Gen Hayden of the NSA. Any one of these people could have authorized the FBI to stop the endeavor. The FBI was not notified. This has been in the news.

Mary Darst 9 years, 3 months ago

I'll bet they don't even remember why some of these people are there. They have been there for 6 years and all have been tortured. What kind of brain cells do you think they have left. Send them home and close the place down. Hopefully we can show the world that we are a stong and compasionate country. Not the Big Bullys we have been for the last 8 years. We need friends out there.

50YearResident 9 years, 3 months ago

Do not bring them to the heart on America. Keep them as far as can be from America. We don't want any brought here where they could either escape or be released 5000 miles within our border.

ms_canada 9 years, 3 months ago

I don't really care too much what is done for them except JUSTICE. And justice for Omar Khadar would be to send him home to Canada and his family. If those men in Gitmo are guilty, then give them a trial. I believe that no trial means no evidence to convict.

2piecespicy 9 years, 3 months ago

XD40 i'm not sure how often you speak with internationals, but i do everyday and i can tell you the general perception of americans got much better this week because of obama...maybe you just bathe too much and don't smoke enough

Maddy Griffin 9 years, 3 months ago

Garrenfamily, Why are people so quick to give Bush credit for no more terrorist attacks after 9/11. I just don't believe he kept us safe. More likely they didn't need to attack us here when we were letting them annihilate our men overseas. Bin Laden wanted to destroy our economy and I'd say Bush did a pretty good job of helping him do exactly that.

bearded_gnome 9 years, 3 months ago

back in '06 and '07, Merrill referred to the terrorists blowing up our troops in Iraq as "patriots." he has no standing to comment here, he is unworthy of respect. grammaddy et al,you ever heard of the Brooklyn Bridge. if you didn't get your info from NBC/MSNBC/NPR/PBS you'd know that that bridge was not blown up as a result of a very credible plot, one foiled through the warrantless wiretap system. nearly two dozen other plots on american soil were foiled in the past 8 years. source: Rudy Giuliani. I agree with madmike, bringing them to the u.s. the greatest risk is making a terrorist target. so, why do you hate Leavenworth. if a bio bomb is set off there, you think Lawrence will be effected? well, do ya'? Blue and Marshall get the award. and the tongie prof obviously is ignorant. murtha said bring 'em to his pennsylvania district; wonder what his constituents think of that?

jumpin_catfish 9 years, 3 months ago

Yes, then tried and when found guilty, shot. Simple.

Bob Harvey 9 years, 3 months ago

I attempted to ask a question yesterday on the Gitmo post but receive no comments (probably not a bad thing). That being said when folks talk about putting these WOGS (wonderful oriental gentleman) on trial in this country what would be the charges brought against them? What US laws did they violate by being combatants in another country fighting our troops, never setting foot in this country?If I were in another country and a citizen of that country attacked me in some way would I be within my US rights to bring him to this country for trial?It's amazing how strange things can become, isn't it? Please know that my question in no way reflects my personal's just a question.

bearded_gnome 9 years, 3 months ago

hey,the Big O'dude has stopped the tribunals too. four or five have already pled guilty there. their sentences will not be carried out now because of the Big O'dude. these were 9-11 conspirators. and, hey, take a look atwww.whitehouse.govthat same Big O'dude is really into the LGBT agenda and the [proabortion] "Womens" agenda. LGBT=lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender; he wants hate crime protections for people depending on their "gender expression!" ***as I wrote elsewhere, as of now, we are far less safe since the inauguration.

luckymama1 9 years, 3 months ago

Yes, lets put the NBAF and the Guantanamo detainees within 150 miles of each other. And while we're at it we should also crop circle a giant bulls eye so there is no confusion.

Bob Harvey 9 years, 3 months ago

GA, I hope your post was not aimed my way. As I said, my questions were not based on my personal feelings but rather from a legal perspective.Let me give you a bit of background. I served for over 20 years with Uncle Sam's forces. I spent my time in Vietnam in the late 60's. So if your comments were directed toward me please know that they hold little weight. I respect my fellow soldiers and know that they fight for what they believe is right. I am the last person who ever takes my freedom for granted. I am one of those that volunteered while others stayed home, so please spare me your venom.If you were not speaking to me then forgive me. One never knows on these boards. My questions were based on the incredible naive comments I see on these boards. As such, I will ask them again...what US laws were broken and what charges can these creatures be charged with if brought onto US soil?

Bob Harvey 9 years, 3 months ago

GA...thanks. I don't often post but when I do it is for an issue that I have an interest in. Forgive my diatribe. It was not aimed at anyone, least of all you.After so many years in the military I often become frustrated with what I see as a country at odds with itself. I see the naive citizen that has no concept that there really are people that dream about bringing about our downfall. When the need for battle occurs these same people are the first to sit back let others fight for them and protect them from harm, all the while whining and complaining, acting so elitist in their thoughts.It is so easy to have such firms beliefs while criticizing the very folks that are guaranteeing their right to have them. How ironic.

bearded_gnome 9 years, 3 months ago

Pleiku,you are correct that a lot of Naive thought is in the people on the left, and even our current president. he thinks that if the other countries like us more we're safer! I'd much rather be hated and alive, than admired, befriended, and dead. Pleiku, there are different kinds of folks at Gitmo: people like KSM who are Al-qaeda leadership, and who need to be agressively interrogated to save lives, some of what the naive people call torture, i.e. Red Hot Chilipeppers' music turned up loud or exposure to cold, sleep deprivation. these people need to be tried, there was a system, approved by congress, in process. five of them pled guilty recently, these were 9-11 related conspirators. others are closer to the "prisoner-of-war" category, but don't fight for a country, and don't fight as legitimate combatants. these folks, in wars past, were subject to being lined up and shot summarily as spies/saboteurs. but again because of the naive we have to give them rights. bringing them to american soil under our constitution gives them american judicial system rights. rights they should not be entitled to. trials which could easily leak classified secrets. the tribunals would've protected the necessary secrecy. but most of all, put them anywhere in the U.S. and that location becomes a prime terrorist target. finally, another group of Gitmo guests we wish to release, but their countries of origin won't take them don't want them, believe they are still violent/terrorists. 62 released from Gitmo have turned up fighting again! not a good track record. much of the blame for people thinking things are so bad at Gitmo goes to the same naive liberal crazies. truth be told, our forces in iraq and afghanistan have been the best behaved military forces on enemy territory in history; but the naive fools are also historically illiterate, and hystrionic.

gl0ck0wn3r 9 years, 3 months ago

"Richard "I hate the Jews" Heckler (Anonymous) says… How did GW Bush protect america from other terrorist attacks? Bush did not stop 9/11/01 which was right under his nose. High up in the admin someone had to know because the NSA knew."I suppose it makes sense that you are a truther. Explain to me this: how is it that you believe the Bush government was totally incompetant and yet at the same time you believe it was capable of amazing super-extra-secret conspiracies? Was the incompetency about which you constantly complain merely a front for a super-competant shadow government?Oh... and while you are at it, could you please define "know" in the sense of intelligence analysis/warning prediction. Further, explain how one traces the process between the NSA "knowing" and the administration "having to know." Lastly, could you please explain how your extensive lawn mowing experience qualifies you to judge intelligence analysis? I'll look forward to your answers.

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