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Would you ever use a walk-in health clinic?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on February 25, 2009

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Photo of Jason Pennewell

“Yes I would, just for the convenience of it … as long insurance still covered it.”

Photo of Molly Fyler

“I would … if it was a place that I was familiar with and it was something pretty minor that I would need.”

Photo of Daniel Dieker

“Yes I would. It’s simple, easy, there when I need it and no need to make an appointment.”

Photo of April Van Dyke

“Yes, because it is more convenient. I have a child and it would be faster than trying to take her to a packed doctor’s office.”

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ohjayhawk 9 years ago

Already have. My co-pay is much cheaper than visiting the ER. It's actually identical to the co-pay as a regular doctor's office visit. Plus, they have longer hours than a doctor's office. Yes, it's not my regular doctor, but it is run by my regular doctor and his associates.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Leave it to Postal analyst to have second thoughts.

Mary Darst 9 years ago

I wish we had one in our town. Much better than the usual wait for the same result.

pace 9 years ago

I was referred to a walk in clinic, when I was on vacation, A few minutes, one simple test, a prescription antibiotic, the bill came to $475. the diagnosis was wrong, and the billing was so screwed, that a year later I am still working with Bcbs and the remote billing office of the clinic which is in a different state than the clinic. Yes, I did ask what the cost would be, but it turned out the girl that told me $70. was mistaken and that I didn't ask the question right.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

we have for those emergancy that are not er type but you still need to get in to see a doc. but yours' can't see you for a week.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

It depends on what it is for. If my kid has strep on the weekend, perhaps, if it is the right one. But during the week, my doctor can get me in and the wait has never been long.

Kat Christian 9 years ago

If only we had decent doctors in this town to fill them. They may have some great bedside manners but as far as medical skills I would rate most doctors in this town a 4. They don't think outside the box and all their knowledge is textbook which in medical technology changes as rapidly as electronic components.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

prospecter- hate to tell you still have to walk in. .

ms_canada 9 years ago

We have a lot of walk-in clinics here in Canada and they are all covered by our Medicare System. I have visited one on a weekend and received good treatment. Our province at present is in the process of building and opening more walk-in clinics. The one I have used several times is absolutely wonderful. It is not just for minor ailments. There are about 15 stretcher beds that can be used for overnight stays. X-Ray, ultra sound and other tests are available on site as are treatments. If further care is needed an ambulance is called and you are transfered to a major hospital. This happened to me recently when I had an inner ear inflammation which caused my BP to skyrocket. An IV was started with meds to bring down my BP to a safe level and at 1am. I was transferred to the hospital for a CScan of my head which discovered the problem. Now then, all this was done with no cost to me as a senior. The same treatment would be available to any and all residents of this province. We have Universal Medicare, NO ONE is excluded, rich or poor. Able to pay or not. I find it very difficult to understand how such a great country as the US does not take care of its citizens' health needs. I was encouraged when your President, last night, in his speech declared that changes need to be made to health care in your country. Step One, do you think?

Bassetlover 9 years ago

In a heartbeat! We have good insurance coverage and a great family physician. But these clinics are a huge time saver when a health issue arises in the evenings or weekends that we know can be treated very easily with an antibiotic or other prescription. On a few occasions we have bypassed the family doctor and headed to Prompt Care or First Med just to avoid the typical long waiting room waits and mega bill. All of the treatments we have received in the walk-in sites have been accurate and effective. We love having this option for our health care.

Lisia 9 years ago

I had a "regular" doctor for a while, but the walk in clinics were cheaper and the doctors and nurses there actually seemed to care more. The doctor's office I used to go to felt like I was just an income source, that no matter what, my insurance would pay them. The walk in clinic treats me like a customer, who if they do their job right, will be a returning customer.

womanwarrior 9 years ago

My doctor's office has a walk in service. A nurse practitioner sees you, and if it's just something simple she/he takes it to the doctor and they send out a prescription. If it seems to be something more serious, they bring in the doctor. It's great for sinus infections and other minor irritants that don't need a doctor's attention, but can't be treated with over the counter drugs.

snoozey 9 years ago

This is an interesting question. I don't personally feel all that comfortable getting my medical care from a nurse at Walgreens. It's like taking your significant other out on Valentine's day and getting a Happy Meal. Cheap up front cost, but....

georgeofwesternkansas 9 years ago

Snoozey is right. You get what you pay for.

Hoots 9 years ago

No you don't get what you pay for. I've used walk-ins over seas and the care was better and much cheaper. On my last visit to a clinic over seas it took all of 1/2 hour to do the paperwork, see the doctor, get my meds, pay my bill, and get on my way. This was all for a grand total of $80 and included two prescriptions. We are getting ripped off here in the states. The last time I tried to make an appointment with my local doctors office they told me it would be almost 3 months. Like anyone wants to wait that long.

Jersey_Girl 9 years ago

FirstMed can be used as a walk-in or as a PCP, which is great b/c even if your doc isn't there, you can get an appt. that day and they have your chart so they know your health history.

jaycat 9 years ago

No way, I prefer the drive-thru. Just hang it out the window, let them take a look at it. If you need a shot, again just hang it out the window and be on your way. hahahahhahahha

ms_canada 9 years ago

multi - I do have a spare room and you would be welcome. And all you would have to do is register with the Capital Health Authority.

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