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Do you prefer gifts or gift cards?

Asked at Hy-Vee, 4000 W. 6th St. on December 15, 2009

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Photo of Robert Heacock

“I prefer gifts. It’s more fun to get those open and see what they are.”

Photo of Tom Krause

“I prefer that people just get together and have a goof time. … It’s not about gift giving.”

Photo of John Callewaert

“At my age I prefer to receive a gift card, but I prefer to give a gift, especially to the kids.”

Photo of Beth Romano

“Gifts because they’re a surprise.”


9070811 8 years ago

Should have asked a younger population.

Jillster 8 years ago

I like to give and get both presents and gift cards. If the gift is a no-brainer (hints dropped, I find the "perfect thing"), I'll buy the actual thing and give it. If that person is difficult to shop for, they'll probably enjoy a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant much more than anything I could pick for them. I know Mom wants clothes for Christmas this year, but she has a hard time finding things that fit right...for her, it's a department store gift card, and I'll take her out for shopping and dinner after Christmas.

pace 8 years ago

I don't want a gift or gift card. I don't need much and I like to sleep late Christmas morning. if you want to celebrate the season, donate your time or money to others. I do like hearing glad tidings and have a merry time. Way to much gifting and not enough giving.

AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

Gifts from anyone embarrass me. I just want my friends' good company. Clever cards are nice. :) But they better be clever.

AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

@CWGOKU "A Spacehog Christmas."

I would see it.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

depends on who is giving them... if they have a history of giving whack gifts then i opt for the gift card. if they have pretty cool taste then i prefer the gift itself.

AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

@spacehog I have pretty, French manicured hands, but I keep my shoes on at all times. I have the ugliest feet you've ever had the misfortune to behold. I abused the hell out of them by shoving them into pointe shoes as a young child.

Ricky_Vaughn 8 years ago

A gift card is still a gift. I'm just happy someone thought about me!

AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

@spacehog They are average, I believe.

Also, gentlemen reserve such details as you ended your comment with. I much prefer you to say: "I must go and negotiate improved relations between India and Pakistan." You might also offer that you "must write a rather large check to a local charity."

I would most appreciate a gentleman excusing himself from my company because he must "inquire about investment vehicles that will best enable the future purchase a small, practical home for us to sleep in after we are married."

AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

@spacehog I accept your apology.

The only Thunderbird I am familiar with is a top-ranked graduate school of global management.

A propane torch! I've always wanted to try making a crème brûlée.

AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

@spacehog Though I risk disappointing you with this admission, I must disclose to you that I tire of Mr. Skynard, as do many employees/contractors at establishments offering food/drink/entertainment. Your mention of his music has made flaccid my enthusiasm for our reparteé.

@Multidisciplinary Hahahahaha. :)

KansasPerson 8 years ago

Anna, thank goodness you are here to help spacehog negotiate the Minefield of Caddishness!

How to spot a gentleman:

AnnaUndercover 8 years ago

@The_Original_Bob, @spacehog Apologies for my error and a point to you both.

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