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Do you think more education will curtail risky drinking behavior among students?

Asked at the Kansas Union, 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. on August 18, 2009

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Photo of Bayley Hartman

“I think it depends really on the student and how serious you are about your classes.”

Photo of Patrick Mathay

“I think education in anything is always going to be a benefit in some way.”

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“I think more education will educate students on how much to drink, but the student has the choice on whether or not (to drink).”

Photo of Dana Meredith

“I don’t really think so; it’s part of the social atmosphere, it’s just kind of the culture. I really don’t think people are going to stop even with more education.”


jonas_opines 8 years ago

Second no. We have to deal with our fetishism of alcohol before this will change.

Oh, I'll make this my only shameless plug, but I figure with just the title y'all might have thought this was written by marion or something!

dajudge 8 years ago

You learn through experience. Let's to the hallowed halls of drinking!

MissinLawrence 8 years ago

YES it will!!! It will help me be able to identify when I have alcohol posioning or not...waiiit i guess my answer is no.

Kat Christian 8 years ago

Dana you are a very smart person: “I don’t really think so; it’s part of the social atmosphere, it’s just kind of the culture. I really don’t think people are going to stop even with more education.”

What part of stupid is this question? Let say you have children and you don't want them to learn a certain behavior or become accustomed to an undesirable environment. What do you do? Just tell them No-No? OR Do you prevent them from being EXPOSED to that environment? DUH!!

Comes my point: We have WAY too many drinking establishments in this town. There are way too many events that promote drinking at these events. We need to change the attitudes of people who accept that young people are expected to behavior this way.

Telling these kids not to do something at this stage is mute. It's like telling a toddler don't touch that. Righttttt.

Instead of putting a bandaid on the problem - FIX-IT- change it then fix-it again.

Sigmund 8 years ago

No more than Sex-Ed courses will prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD's or Drivers-Ed courses will prevent auto accidents. Still I find it odd that in a town filled with educators and students paying high dollar tuitions, and where more education and more money for education is always the answer to every social ill, and a lack of eduction is the cause of every problem, this is the only area where there is almost universal agreement that education is useless.

Steve Miller 8 years ago

It won't help, it will just proved someone with a job funded by taxes somehow

Bob Burton 8 years ago


But money will!!!! It is called fines or kicked out of KU!!!

Sigmund 8 years ago

prospector (Anonymous) says… "What? The DARE programs of the last 20+ years hasn't straightened them out yet? I am shocked I tell you."

Actually there is tons of data collected over several decades on the DARE programs, and the conclusions of a significant number of those studies show that despite the good intentions and all the taxpayer money that has been spent DARE is ineffective at reducing drug usage for those who are "educated."

But bringing a friendly policeman into the classroom to talk to your kids has increased the number of kids who have turned police informants on their parents.""Three R's": "Recognize, Resist and Report." Turn in your parents just like a good National Socialist Youth should.

Mary Darst 8 years ago

Even though I don't think it will help, it doesn't hurt. There are still alot of uneducated kids out there. In the education of kids you always have to look at the cup half full instead of half empty. Maybe they should require them to take the test at least 7 times( the number of times you need to repeat something, before it is remembered). You have succeeded if you reach at least one child. That is hard to swallow. Some one commented that society and how we look at activities needs to be changed. I sooo agree. Everything, it seems, is assotiated with having a beer or other alcholic drinks. If that activity isn't, it is deemed NOT cool. And that's sad.

Sigmund 8 years ago

charliejohnson (Anonymous) says… "Even though I don't think it will help, it doesn't hurt. There are still alot of uneducated kids out there."

If you don't think it will help, it in fact will hurt. Wasting time, energy and money is hurting other people and programs that have better (helpful and effective) uses for the scarce resources of both taxpayer money and educator's time and energy. Things that are wasteful of limited resources are hurting others.

Practicality 8 years ago

Facts About Date Rape

Here are some data collected from a national study of college students:

75% of male students and 55% of female students involved in date rape had been drunk or using drugs.*

  • (Koss, M.P. (1988). Hidden Rape: Incidence, Prevalence and descriptive Characteristics of Sexual Aggression and Victimization in a National Sample of College Students. In Burgers, A.W. (ed.) Sexual Assault. Vol II. New York: Garland Publishing Co.)

Facts About Sexual Assault

Over 50% of victims and 70% of assailants had used drugs or alcohol prior to the assault.*

( Koss, Mary P., and C. Gedycz, and N. Wisniewski. "The Scope of Rape Incidence and Prevalence of Sexual Aggression and Victimization in a National Sample of Higher Education Students." Journal of Consulting and Clinical psychology. 55(1987), 162-70.)

Giving people information in the hopes that it will allow them to make better decisions is not a bad thing. Even if it only helps a few people, isn't it worth it? And for those that it doesn't alter their behavior, well, just one more thing that a college student studies, takes a test over, and forgets about 5 minutes later, what the majority of them do throughout their college career. It will be good practice.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years ago

Thanks Multi, that is so funny, loved it. I think some people get drunk so they can use that as an excuse. How do you explain people in their sixties who drink every day and get drunk every day? This is not just a college problem. But, if you sit in the back of the class it will an opportunity for a nap.

Practicality 8 years ago

Ummmm, do you have fried brain cells or something prospector? In 1988 the legal drinking age was 21, just like today.

"Use of alcohol by convicted offenders

Among the 5.3 million convicted offenders under the jurisdiction of corrections agencies in 1996, nearly 2 million, or about 36%, were estimated to have been drinking at the time of the offense.

The vast majority, about 1.5 million, of these alcohol-involved offenders were sentenced to supervision in the community: 1.3 million on probation and more than 200,000 on parole.

Alcohol use at the time of the offense was commonly found among those convicted of public-order crimes, a type of offense most highly represented among those on probation and in jail.

Among violent offenders, 41% of probationers, 41% of those in local jails, 38% of those in State prisons, and 20% of those in Federal prisons were estimated to have been drinking when they committed the crime."

scribe 8 years ago

No consequence, no change in behavior.

Practicality 8 years ago

Ummmmm, you must have rode the short bus to school didn't you Prospector, re-read these statements you posted.

1985- -Persons born on or after July 1, 1966 will be able to purchase beer, wine and liquor on and after their 21st birthday. Persons born before July 1, 1966 will retain the privilege to purchase, possess and consume beer."

1987--LDA raised to 21 for all alcoholic beverages.

Intelligence questions for you Prospector

1) If you were born on July 2, 1966, could you buy beer legally in 1985?

2) If you were born on June 30, 1966 could you buy beer legally in 1985?

3)If you were born on July 1, 1969 could you buy beer legally in July 1, 1987? (Hint: This is a hard one, look back at what you wrote) And how old would the attempted purchaser be at this time?

If the study in question was published in 1988, and you pointed out this statement,

"1987 LDA raised to 21 for all alcoholic beverages."

How in the world could this other statement you made be true?

"That studies research was done when an 18 YO could get a beer in Kansas. It was published in 1988."

Lay off the drugs and the sauce prospector, they will make you stupid(er).

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