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What is your advice for students entering the grade level you just completed?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on August 10, 2009

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Photo of LaKeisha Wilson

“They should turn in all their homework — or else it will backfire.”

Photo of Tara Rasing

“Always keep up with your homework. Keep up with your grades. Be respectful to the teachers so they will like you. Make friends. Be social. Ask questions in class.”

Photo of Kendra Haines

“Your teachers might be kind of mean, but you’ve got to put up with it or you’re going to have some bad consequences.”

Photo of Dmitri Taylor

“I think they should be who they want to be and don’t be a copycat.”

“Do all your school work, because if you get behind in credits, it’s really hard to make them up.”

Photo of Skye Yoder

“Just be yourself, and don’t start fights.”


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