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Do you plan to get a summer job?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 20, 2009

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Photo of Zak Gifford

“I just tried to get a job, but they are not hiring.”

Photo of Tony Pease

“Yeah, I probably am going to work at a pizza place or fast food or maybe a grocery store.”

Photo of Kelsey Johnson

“I have a summer job baby-sitting twice a week.”

Photo of Cassidy Farwell

“Yeah, I plan on like doing baby-sitting or working in some kind of fast food, anywhere that will take me.”

Photo of Monika Doktor

“Yeah, I’m hoping to find one downtown, because I like being downtown.”

Photo of Kierra Henry

“I already have one for Farmers’ Market helping my grandma out.”


Music_Girl 9 years, 1 month ago

I think summer jobs are great for high school age kids. Keeps them busy, helps them learn responsibility and gives them a little extra money for new clothes and supplies for the school year. It might be tougher finding one this year though.

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