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What do you love about the library book sale?

Asked at Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt. on April 17, 2009

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Photo of Ferrol Lattin

“Great bargains, lots of selections and it’s a good cause.”

Photo of Bill Madl

“I like the amount of books they have … . All the categories and the prices are excellent.”

Photo of Carol Thrasher

“The books … I got a great title once, ‘Life Begins at 81,’ for my mother.”

Photo of Don Nease

“Buying the old VHS tapes to use in my instruction. I get them for a dollar a piece.”


Deja Coffin 5 years ago

That nice used book smell.....ahhhh....

No seriously, is the sale all weekend? I wanna go!!


Multidisciplinary 5 years ago

Carol ! (my peeps)

What I like best it that if done right, you only need to go once. My pre KU kid and I went back one year on a $1/bag day. I instructed, buy every book you've ever heard of before in your life. If a teacher hasn't recommended it, they probably will and it will be cheaper at 2 cents than it will at $8.95, and anything left over I will eventually read. Any duplicates we'll give back. So we hauled sacks of classics and others out of there.

What I hate most? If you're in a wheelchair or have to use a walker or scooter, you're out of luck. Mom's leave the kids and strollers at home. Unless it's gotten better in the last few years.


Chris Ogle 5 years ago

Phone books..... may know someone someday


Jersey_Girl 5 years ago

John Madden retired? But...but...but who is going to tell me about the turducken this Thanksgiving?


passionatelibra 5 years ago

The inexpensive prices and the chance of finding a one of a kind. If you're patient, do some digging and open your mind, there are some great finds!

Dang, I'm a geek...


prospector 5 years ago

The long conga line down Kentucky St to get into the tent.


consumer1 5 years ago

I can't read, What book sale? What is a library?


autie 5 years ago

I hate to see Madden leave. I always enjoyed his insight. He is one of the few announcers that knew what the hell he was talking about. I'm not sure how they measured it, but I heard on NPR this morning that Madden 09 was more popular than James Bond movies and Star Wars...


autie 5 years ago

I hear there will be a book for sale on the History of the Oakland Raiders. Mysteriously never checked out yet all the pages with info on the defensive backs is missing. It could be a collector's item now the John Madden has retired.


musbhiorlo 5 years ago

lots of pages with folds and creases in the corner


autie 5 years ago

No. Only in August.


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