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What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Asked at South Park, 12th and Massachusetts streets on April 12, 2009

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Photo of Jacob

“Eggs and all that.”

Photo of Jaeden

“Candy and toys.”

Photo of Kristina

“I like to go hunting with eggs.”

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jonas_opines 9 years ago

It's over in a day, and unlike Christmas the advertising is relatively low key.

/for now

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Most retail is closed, so time can be spent with family.

Kyle Neuer 9 years ago

Biting the heads off chocolate bunnies.

cj123 9 years ago

i wonder why no one said religion?

RoeDapple 9 years ago

(imitating Elvis)

Thank you, thank you very much.........

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Marion (Marion Lynn) says…

xbusguy (Anonymous) says…

Most retail is closed, so time can be spent with family.”

Marion writes:

If one has to wait for retail to close to spend time with fammily, one is in very deep doo-doo to begin with.

Marion- thanks for the heads up..... however, some people have to work for a living, including my children. Retail is where they work.... but thanks for your insight.

beatrice 9 years ago

"Chocolate Jesus" by Tom Waits! Love those immaculate confections. Enjoy:

Ronda Miller 9 years ago

Happy Birthday, Roe!!!! Did "we" ever get a copy of that birthday photo of yours? I understand it might bring top rate fees on line...likely from a local newspaper and affiliates. ;)

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

wow, happy birthday Roedapple, imagine that! you were born on easter! hey, cool.

Cathy^above, we had the hotcross buns homemade, took to church for the breakfast, got totally whiped out! delicious.

great OTS! I'm with Deklan: "Candy!" I think OTS should ask the kids more often, and see what we get.

OTS: "will the South Lawrence Trafficway be completed in your lifetime?" "do you prefer developers or environmentalists?"

or "will KU go to the final 4" asked at schwagler elementary.

my answer: I do appreciate the resurrection celebrated in what is oddly called easter sunday. the music and the message at church today.
the breakfast was good too.

Ronda Miller 9 years ago

Roe, nice try...but I believe the dog in the picture to your link was much older than the mere pup you are in your picture - remember, we are online...most people do not know what you actually look like. Act as I do and pretend you are twenty years and twenty pounds lighter/younger. The hat did resemble the authentic hat though...

I hope your birthday brought a ton of yelps your way. Did you have to compete with the Easter Bunny for attention?

RoeDapple 9 years ago

Thanks gnome, hope I can make it to the next three April 12th Easters.

List of Easter Sunday Dates 2000-2099

23rd April 2000 20th April 2025 10th April 2050 7th April 2075 15th April 2001 5th April 2026 2nd April 2051 19th April 2076 31st March 2002 28th March 2027 21st April 2052 11th April 2077 20th April 2003 16th April 2028 6th April 2053 3rd April 2078 11th April 2004 1st April 2029 29th March 2054 23rd April 2079 27th March 2005 21st April 2030 18th April 2055 7th April 2080 16th April 2006 13th April 2031 2nd April 2056 30th March 2081 8th April 2007 28th March 2032 22nd April 2057 19th April 2082 23rd March 2008 17th April 2033 14th April 2058 4th April 2083 12th April 2009 9th April 2034 30th March 2059 26th March 2084 4th April 2010 25th March 2035 18th April 2060 15th April 2085 24th April 2011 13th April 2036 10th April 2061 31st March 2086 8th April 2012 5th April 2037 26th March 2062 20th April 2087 31st March 2013 25th April 2038 15th April 2063 11th April 2088 20th April 2014 10th April 2039 6th April 2064 3rd April 2089 5th April 2015 1st April 2040 29th March 2065 16th April 2090 27th March 2016 21st April 2041 11th April 2066 8th April 2091 16th April 2017 6th April 2042 3rd April 2067 30th March 2092 1st April 2018 29th March 2043 22nd April 2068 12th April 2093 21st April 2019 17th April 2044 14th April 2069 4th April 2094 12th April 2020 9th April 2045 30th March 2070 24th April 2095 4th April 2021 25th March 2046 19th April 2071 15th April 2096 17th April 2022 14th April 2047 10th April 2072 31st March 2097 9th April 2023 5th April 2048 26th March 2073 20th April 2098 31st March 2024 18th April 2049 15th April 2074 12th April 2099

SpeedRacer 9 years ago

Huntin' wabbit! (and raiding the kid's easter basket after he's asleep).

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

oh Roedapple, couldn't you tell I was joking? I was making that comment as if easter always fell on the same date!

RoeDapple 9 years ago

Who's joking, I want to make at least the next two!


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