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What do you do with your old music equipment?

Asked at Central Junior High School on September 16, 2008

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Photo of Taylor Schmid

“Hide them under my bed or give them to my sister.”

Photo of Hannah Fowler

“Sometimes I keep them to give to my sister, but most of the time I try to sell it or give it away to a friend.”

Photo of Skyler McCawley

“I sold my stereo, but kept my speaker to use in my with my phone.”

Photo of Kagen Fell

“I just put it all in my closet. I pretty much just use my iPod now.”

Photo of Montreal Davis

“I save them to listen to later, even my tapes, because I don’t want to have to search for them on CD or on the Internet later on.”

Photo of Sven Davids

“I give it to my parents, because they still use older stuff to listen to music.”

Photo of Corrie McLean

“If my siblings want it, I give it to them. Otherwise I try to sell them to game places who will buy them.”


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