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What are your goals for this semester?

Asked at Southwest Junior High School on September 9, 2008

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Photo of Ruthie Willmott

“To win all of our volleyball games this year.”

Photo of Makaela Mason

“To get straight A’s and make the honor roll.””

Photo of Evan Barnes

“To become a more organized student and more confident in my schoolwork.”

Photo of Reid Williams

“Get good grades and start first string in football.”

Photo of Anne Springe

“I want to get something that I’ve written published.””

Photo of Justine Garcia

“I want to get a good grade in my biology class and to not mess up when I’m cheerleading.”

Photo of Tyler Johnson

“I want to pass geometry with at least a B.”

Photo of Joe Odrowski

“To make the honor roll and make some good hits in football.”


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