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How many hours of at least moderate physical activity do you get per day?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on September 9, 2008

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Photo of Teri Amyx

“Two, mostly walking. I try to walk three miles every morning.”

Photo of Kenny Schick

“Two hours either bicycling or walking around a lot for my job. I also play saxophone, which can be kind of physically demanding depending on the band.”

Photo of Lauren Hodge

“I would say an hour a day. I usually run or do the elliptical glider, and I have to walk up and down the hill.”

Photo of Jennifer Orbom

“An hour. I do yoga and walk and ride my bike instead of driving.”

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tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years ago

I run in place, constantly.Of course it's a heliostationary run, so I traverse the Earth, daily.( I'll sleep when I'm dead. )

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

When the lemurs are being frisky, I'm on the run from sunup to sundown.

PapaB 8 years ago miles should take, at most, 1 hour. I don't think it could be called "moderate" at that pace, since you can easily carry on a conversation at that pace.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years ago

RET: "1/10th of an hour.**(If the spousal unit is in the mood)"Oh, I can sooooo relate to the "in the mood" thang,tho' generally we have trouble finding the hour(s) we'd like to devote to preferred activities.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years ago

Yeah, that RET, always beating everyone to the online punch line...premature e-joculator.

coolmom 8 years ago

2 hours or so i have taken up a lot of biking and after getting over the hey you havent done this in at least 20 years thing i think its going ok. i kayak and swim but i still edge into a little plump. i think i have 2 fat genes lol.

sweet_child 8 years ago

I currently can't even reach my feet to put shoes and socks on to do physical activity. Although I'm getting up like every hour to use the restroom and it takes me awhile to waddle there so maybe like 20 minutes. Oh wait I forgot about coming back so 40 mins? And walking to the restroom is definitely moderate activity these days.

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

Informed, I was wondering the same thing. But then I thought that maybe she added the mileage thing as an after-thought. You know, in addition to the extra hour and thirty seven minutes she spends doing other physical things.Me? Not counting "life," I spend either 1 hour in a pilates class plus 30 minutes on a bicycle, or just 60 minutes on a bicycle. I'm looking into Zoomba. It sounds a sweaty kind of way.

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

TOB, it's looking like Brownsville is the target of Ike. The lemurs would come with me. I dread to think what mischief those scamps would get into by themselves.

clyde_never_barks 8 years ago

RI -1/10th sounds so much better than 6 minutes...which by the way...congratulations! That is 1 minute, 17 seconds better than the national average.

sgtwolverine 8 years ago

In the fall, I get about four hours of activity every Friday evening when I photograph high school football; otherwise, it's pretty spotty. I go skiing in the winter, so there are a few days of 4-7 hours of physical activity; if I go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair (or other such events) in the summer, that's probably over an hour of walking. But I don't have a regular schedule of physical activity. Of course, my metabolism is on warp speed, so I don't have a lot of motivation to engage in lots of physical activity.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 8 years ago

I watch my toddler for 4 hours each day, which calulates into about 3.75 hours of full-out sprinting every day.And if I eat at Taco Bell, there's usually some running involved in that...

John Spencer 8 years ago

1 - 3 hours a day of 12 oz curls does a body good!

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years ago

I'm just amazed RET seems consistently able to perform the "6-Minute Quick-Blast" in tandem. It's a grueling workout for one-and unusual for two to finish within the allotted interval.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 8 years ago

hours a day?...HOURS?Wow. That's rich, as time is money.Power to the people!~)

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

"Of course, my metabolism is on warp speed, so I don't have a lot of motivation to engage in lots of physical activity." - SgtOh, do be quiet! I really don't like you now. (Just box up a portion of that metabolism and send it my way and all will be forgiven.) I just had a salad for lunch. Now I'm going to go ride the bike for 7 hours to work it off.Blue, that was great! R_I, 6 minutes? Hmm. No wonder...

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

Maybe they should have started with minutes.At least one hour of organized workout a day is it. No fancy stuff - just weights and cardio on a machine.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

Tang - groan....that was incredibly quick. Too bad RET's workout is too.

dminear60 8 years ago

Does arm chair quarterbacking count?

jonas_opines 8 years ago

Did Ramsfield get yanked today? I thought I saw him on here casting aspersions in our general direction.

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