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Photo of Whitney Gudgel

Three Cups of Tea,’ by Greg Mortenson. It’s basically about a man who tried to summit K2 but stumbles upon a nearby village and falls in love. Then he returns with supplies over the next year to build a school for the children there.”

Photo of Lorissa McGuire

Icy Sparks,’ by Gwyn Hyman Rubio. It’s about a girl growing up in the ‘60s with undiagnosed Tourette syndrome and how she learns to deal with it. She ends up using singing to deal with it, which was interesting, at least for me in my field.”

Photo of Mitch Moore

“I’ve been enjoying ‘The Alphabet of Manliness,’ by Maddox. It’s alphabetized humor about what it is to be a real man.”

Photo of Kim Koelling

“I just finished ‘Water For Elephants,’ by Sara Gruen. It moves back and forth between the present and the past in the life of this older man. The present chapters deal with his everyday life in the nursing home, and the past chapters are about him jumping a train in his youth and inadvertently joining the circus.”

Photo of Spencer Hewitt

“I just read ‘Heart of Darkness,’ by Joseph Conrad. It’s about the descent of the characters into insanity. It’s the novel ‘Apocalypse Now’ was based on, but it’s set in the late 1800s.”

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tonythetiger 9 years, 9 months ago

Nothing I the neighbors are too busy trying to argue with everyone about who has sex with who and what it should mean to the rest of the world.

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