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Have you ever been involved in a fundraiser for school?

Asked at West Junior High School on October 20, 2008

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Photo of Shawn Knighton

“I haven’t sold anything to raise money, but I have bought things from bake sales.”

Photo of Eliza Grant

“We just finished doing a magazine fundraiser, but I didn’t sell as many as I would like. We also did a gift wrapping fundraiser at my old school.”

Photo of Damien Harris

“We have a school fundraiser where we sell magazines and can earn prizes. I’ve sold 10 for this year.”

Photo of Allyson Jordan

“I’ve sold magazines for school, but only to my grandparents.”

Photo of Sean Cesare

“I’ve made cookies and helped sell them at a bake sale.”

Photo of Lakessiah Anderson

“I did the magazine sales last year.”


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