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Are you driving slower to save gas?

Asked at Presto, 602 W. Ninth St. on November 13, 2008

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Photo of Felix Shutt

“Probably, just a little. : I try to not rush into a stop sign, stuff like that. I don’t drive the speed limit hardly ever; 60 miles an hour is fast enough for me.”

Photo of Jenifer Rhodes

“I’m not really driving slower to save any gas. Honestly, I don’t really see how 5 miles an hour is going to drastically save anyone gas.”

Photo of Kurt Partridge

“No. I like to say I’m driving better. I am concerned about fuel efficiency, but more important to me is how I drive than the speed at which I’m driving.”

Photo of Kelly Howell

“No. I’m a fast driver. : It’s more of an effort to keep up with traffic - you either struggle in the slow lane or fight to survive in the fast lane.”

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coolmom 9 years ago

i think i will get some business cards made up that say adventurer that sounds so cool.

beawolf 9 years ago

On long trips 300 miles or more I just set the cruise at 75. I will save 2mpg at 65 and 4mpg at 60 (I checked), but at a difference of 15 mph I save substantial time. So the cost to benefit ratio is my guideline. Around town, where I do most of my driving, I watch my avg and current mpg indicator (it's a great feature) and it's amazing how much you gain by coasting to stops, slow acceleration and steady speeds. I've noticed as much as 5-8mpg increases when I constantly monitor my mpg.

PapaB 9 years ago

Gas prices don't affect me....I just use my Mr. Fusion...and I don't need roads

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

Does less expensive gas pollute less than more expensive gas? Yes I do drive at 60-65.

Drew Alan 9 years ago

I try to coast whenever possible... from Iowa down the hill to about the Maine street light on 6th street I try my best to not brake or accelerate, by the time I get to my street to turn into the neighborhood I hardly have to brake at all to make the right hand turn. coasting or slowly braking approaching stop lights helps, as does making sure I leave the house on time so I can slowly accelerate and not floor it on my way to work.

imagold 9 years ago

No, I drive faster. You drive faster, you arrive sooner, you're on the road a shorter amount of time, you use less gas. Makes sense to me.

sgtwolverine 9 years ago

Sometimes I do. It really is much more relaxing to drive 65 on the highway than the normal 75-80 and it does save gas, so if I'm not in a real hurry, I'll slow down. If I am in a hurry, then I'll drive whatever I need to drive.

Ken Miller 9 years ago

Not only do I drive more slowly, but I'm also taking a different route that uses county roads instead of the Turnpike. I'm definitely getting better gas mileage AND I am saving on the tolls.

Deja Coffin 9 years ago

I just drive less. Of course in my town, everything is within walking distance. I try to only go to Lawrence once a week. If I decide to get a part-time job I think I'll try and find one in my town so I don't have to drive out of town more. I really like only having to fill up once every two, sometimes three weeks. Maybe I should start an online business. hmmmmmmmm

Curtis Lange 9 years ago

I get 33 MPG at 80 so I care not. Man, I love my ten year old Honda.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

haven't had the opportunity to test the theories about driving slower to save gas. Am usually trying to get somewhere and don't have the time. But I will try it soon

Curtis Lange 9 years ago

none2, you must not get stacked up behind those folks much, do you? At least on K-10 east of town, I-70 and heck, Iowa St, there is an extra lane to get around those 'grandpa/grandma's out for their Sunday drive' that refuse to do the speed limit while continuously impeding traffic (which IS illegal btw).

Trobs 9 years ago

The hilarious thing is watching someone in town race by me to a red stop light. Then I slowly pull up next to them easing into a stop. Putting less wear on my car. Repeat all the way down Iowa, 23rd, 6th, etc. Get there in the same amount of time. I use less gas. As for highways, I have been tracking my mileage since July. At 70 MPH I get 29.2 MPG on my commute from Lawrence to Leawood. At 65 MPH I get 31 MPG.At 80 I get 26 MPG. The difference in time is about 10 mins between 65 and 80. It's not a lot and typically afternoon traffic in Lawrence mitigates whatever advantage going 80 would've given me.

janeyb 9 years ago

Wouldn't it be nice to get on I-70, set the cruise control for 65/70 and just happily drive in the right lane? It can't happen because of idiots who like to "go 50/55 and look around a little more". I-70 isn't for looking around. Take the two lane roads.

gccs14r 9 years ago

The minimum speed on most highways is 40. You don't have to like it, but you do have to put up with it. Get a stress ball and squeeze that, not the guy in front of you.

reality 9 years ago

None2 - The bottom line is this: Most of the population has to be at work by a specified time. They leave their house with enough time to get there. Unfortunately, most of the population must not be a lucky as you, and some of us are sometimes running exactly on time, no time to spare, because a kid couldn't find a shoe, or we spilled something during breakfast, etc...but I'm really happy that you don't have any of those problems that would cause you to want people to DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT!!!! When you have someone that drives 25 mph SLOWER than the speed limit, people are going to pass. I think the Troopers need to spend some time writing tickets for the people that are impeding the traffic. And if they aren't driving the MINIMUM speed limit, they should get a ticket for it! They should also be held responsible when they cause a death because they drive too slow!!!! If speeders are held responsible for causing accidents, the people driving under the speed limit should be held to the same standards! Instead, these people keep going at their 40 mph. How many people are going to have to die? I'm sorry, but it can be blamed on 2 things: 1- The city for making a highway 2 lanes...that was about stupid! or 2 - The drivers that are driving so slow that people have to pass them...when you pass someone and you can pass them doing 50, then that is a sign they need to speed up!

1029 9 years ago

Yesterday I hit 108 mph on K-10 on my way to a tea party in Leawood. I could actually feel my self-esteem rise with every car I passed. I think I got OK mileage, but I did have to stop and get a car wash so that I wouldn't have to endure the embarrassment of showing up in a car covered with yucky bug guts.

reality 9 years ago

Really??? Come On....It is you people that drive slow that cause the wrecks!!! Look at the K-10 bypass. There is NO WHERE to pass, so if you aren't going to drive 65 STAY OFF IT!!!! These people that drive 40 and 50 miles per hour are the ones causing the come the State Troopers don't pull them over????? I had a state trooper directly behind me, we were traveling 40 miles per hour, that is 25 miles an hour UNDER the speed limit, obviously not safe when people are passing because they have to get to work on time, etc....And they wonder why there are wrecks, this highway was designed to save people time getting around town, and when someone drives that slow, people that need to be some place try to pass, and end up dead! People out "Driving Miss Daisy" should stick to the city streets or the country roads, and let the people comfortable driving 65 miles an hour do just that!

beawolf 9 years ago

Go on & write me up for 125Post my face, wanted dead or aliveTake my license n' all that jiveI can't drive 55!

looza 9 years ago

no.....but I'm walking faster!!

dragonwagon2 9 years ago

I drive a Dodge Caravan for trips. I find that if I drive 55 instead of 70 my mpg go from 22 to 29. I call that significant. I try to do that all I can. The other thing I like aobut driving 55 is that it changes my perspective. I look around a little more. I don't get into "races" with others who are passing me - I just let them go by. Driving 55 really doesn't add significantly to my driving time to reach a destination. It makes the trip more relaxing and enjoyable. I suggest any doubters should try it on their next trip out of town. There are times when 55 isn't appropriate, of course. Like in heavy traffic or holding up a line of followers on a 2 lane road - but most times it is very possible.

Jennifer Forth 9 years ago

I found changing my car to a Civic Hybrid did more for gas mileage. 38+ for city driving. And I coast downhill to recharge the battery.

snake_eyes 9 years ago

I'm just eating fewer beans. Seems to be working

tyger_lily 9 years ago

I drive a Focus and have found if I slow down to 65, I will make around 36 mpg. If I keep up with traffic, 70+, I make around 31. It may only be 5 mpg but that adds up once gas goes back up to $4.

KSManimal 9 years ago

Some folks need a basic physics lesson - it's not a matter of your car's "design", or whether or not you "see how it happens". It's about air resistance, and how much of your vehicles power is used to fight the air. Higher speed = greater air resistance = more fuel burned (whether you understand it or not).Driving my pickup 55 rather than 65 bumps my mileage up by 15%.Everyone bitches about gas prices, but few are willing to do what it takes to reduce demand, thus lower prices.If EVERYONE in the country dropped their fuel consumption by 15%.... It's supply and demand, folks.

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

Drafting, it's the new tailgating.

KSManimal 9 years ago

Yes, supply and demand. At $4+/gallon, people drove less (like several billion miles per year less, I believe). Demand went down, and now we have $1.89/gallon gas. Watch what happens when people begin driving more again.

areyouserious 9 years ago

KSManimal....................and supply and demand was the reason the prices went to $4/gal right??? Give me a break dude.........more like "supply and greed"

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