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What’s the most important thing you’ve ever forgotten?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 29, 2008

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Photo of Rachel McCall

“My mom’s birthday. I came home to a house full of people and didn’t know what was going on until I saw a big banner and the birthday cake. It was really embarrassing.”

Photo of Ian Handshy

“I forgot I had a final for my communications class my sophomore year. Fortunately, the professor let me make it up.”

Photo of Takao Mizushima

“My parents’ birthdays. I’m better at remembering my dad’s, but he really doesn’t care if I forget. My mom gets pretty angry, but she waits a couple weeks before she tells me that I forgot it.”

Photo of Megan Dejmal

“I forgot to take a final last year. It was pretty bad. It pretty much dropped me an entire letter grade.”


fu7il3 10 years ago

How do you "forget" a final? It's a final. It's the reason you are in the class in the first place. A college student who forgets a final has some serious priority issues.

hawklet21 10 years ago

fu7il3 (Anonymous) says:How do you "forget" a final? It's a final. It's the reason you are in the class in the first place. A college student who forgets a final has some serious priority issues.Right? I was wondering why that would pop up for even one answer. You cannot possibly "forget" a final... You know from day one when the final should be, and you should be there at that time if you aren't sure if it's being given or not. I'm still amazed that anyone would forget a final. I forgot to get my driver's license for 2 months a few years ago... and I forget to do the FAFSA until way late every year. Other than that, I don't think I've ever forgotten anything super important.

geekin_topekan 10 years ago

I forgot to get dressed all the way for school once when I was a youngster.I ended up wearing my PJ bottoms to school.

Sagecasey 10 years ago

Prospector,Feed a cold and starve a fever is correct.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years ago

Humility. It's important to take that everywhere you go.

KU_Dude 10 years ago

I'm trying to forget all of Cool's posts but am finding that next to impossible.

dajudge 10 years ago

How can I tell you if I forgot?

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

To wash the red shirt separately from the whites.

Tom McCune 10 years ago

LOL. I don't remember anything in my earlier post being incorrect, either. All I really said was the most important thing I ever forgot was my password which prevented me from annoying certain groups of people for a few days! If I annoyed them enough to get bleeped, I might have succeeded!

dminear60 10 years ago

If I forgot it, it could not have been that important.

salad 10 years ago

I got distracted with the baby and forgot to buckle my 4 yr. old into her car seat. However, when I started the car, she reminded me with her best straight man, "uhhhh....daddy? Did you forget something?" So no harm done.

mom_of_three 10 years ago

hhmm, I always forget which date my anniversary is on (don't know why), and that is irritating to my husband. but my dad forgot my 18th birthday. He thought my birthday was the next day.

sgtwolverine 10 years ago

To turn on my cell phone the day the local shopping center caught on fire. Had I turned on my phone when I woke up, I would have been able to get pictures of the fire in progress; instead, I got there late and got pictures of the damage. Oh well.Also, to take the cookies out of the oven. Cookies are very important.

Tom McCune 10 years ago

Let's try an experiment.... One of the terms I used in the item which was removed was "theo-fascists." I didn't accuse anyone of being a theo-fascist or make any threats against anyone who might be one. Let's see if I get bleeped again for just mentioning the term and concept of theo-fascism.

Tom McCune 10 years ago

A third term used was "pinko." Let's see if that term gets me bleeped.

Tom McCune 10 years ago

How about "neocon?" I can't imagine any neocons objecting to that label. They all seem proud of the fact....

geekin_topekan 10 years ago

My wife(at the time)forgot to remove the foil from a suppository once.

Tom McCune 10 years ago

Anoher of the terms I used was "holy roller." I didn't accuse anyone of being a holy roller and didn't make any threats or even any disparaging remarks about anyone who might be one. Let's see if the terms gets me bleeped.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 10 years ago

Multidisciplinary (Anonymous) says: 3) In an old survey, 70% of people said that if they had it to do over again, they would not have children.4) repeat of #35) repeat of #36) repeat of #3************Does that mean you are one of the 70%?

Tom McCune 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

mom_of_three 10 years ago

Our first date was on a 25th, and we got married on the 26th (or so he tells me), but I always get mixed up between the two. His birthday is the day after mine, so he can never forget that, and neither can I. My mom's birthday is on the 5th, and my daughter's is the day after hers. My dad's birthday was the same day as my cousin's son. My mom says she has trouble remembering her anniversary (3rd husband). married 1st husband on Jan 1. divorced for several years, and then decided to re-marry. pick Jan 2 for 2nd husband. Don't know if he knew about the anniversary date of the first, but she could remember it. I think the 3rd hubby is the first week of August.

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

Girls used to always forget their foundation garments when I was a kid in the sixties and seventies. The collective female memory seems to have improved dramatically. AH well, mores the pity.

KU_Dude 10 years ago

^^^^^I just reread the headline. It reads "Important". That wouldn't be Cool's posts. Disregard my comments.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 10 years ago

Multidisciplinary (Anonymous) says: The repeats mean i forgot it three more times, total of 4.My kids didn't work out so well, two are dead, the other two are having a really really rough time of it. (Suffering the PTSD of losing a sibling, their childhood, etc.)So, knowing what I do now, I'm not so sure we did a good thing.******************From reading some of your other posts, you sound like you have had a hard go of things. I hate to see that for anyone. I don't know you but you seem like an interesting person.

gnarly 9 years, 7 months ago

well here's the rub about that final...about..."forgetting it" was an online final.second...the teacher had decided to sneakily change the date a couple of was not required. he would drop your lowest score anyway.i am merely a very poor student.

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