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What are your plans for summer vacation?

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Photo of Paige Miller

“I’m going to run around downtown a lot, go to the pool and hang out with friends.”

Photo of Max Butterfield

“I’m going to North Carolina to visit my aunt. Then I’m going to spend a week in a cabin up in Colorado.”

Photo of Tanith Elder

“First I’m going on our yearly group camping trip, where I’ll help build a huge bonfire. Then I’m going to play video games and hang out downtown with my friends.”

Photo of Markus Roberts

“I’m going to go to the pool a lot early in the summer, but one of my friends is coming to visit in July and then my cousin is coming in August.”

Photo of Ian Schneck

“I have golf camp, and I’m going to hang out with friends.”

Photo of Veronica Weber

“I got a job cleaning and baby-sitting.”

Photo of Kierra Henry

“I’m going to hang out with my grandma who’s coming from Korea, and my dad’s coming up to visit from Salina. I’m going swimming a lot and going to music camp to play my cello.”

Photo of Gabriel Patterson

“Hanging out with friends and going to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club. I’ll also probably try to get a job for the summer.”


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