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What advice would you give to students entering your grade?

Asked at Central Junior High School on May 20, 2008

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Photo of Amelia Weil

“Not all teachers are crazy about preparing you for high school. And save some of your energy for the end of the year, because that’s when it’s going to be the most difficult.”

Photo of Kevin Lytle

“Just make sure you pay attention in class, and give yourself plenty of time to get there so you’re not tardy.”

Photo of Zoe Timmerman

“Watch out for the fetal pig in advanced biology.”

Photo of Tylisha Logan

“To focus on their grades and not so much on socializing.”

Photo of Dale Roussel

“Don’t talk in the halls too long, because you’ll be late.”

Photo of Willie Johnson

“Be nice to your teachers, otherwise you’ll have a bad time in eighth grade.”

Photo of Daniel Gonzalez

“Get lots of sleep so you’re not tired all the time, pay attention, don’t let your homework build up, because that kills you, and do all the extra credit you can.”

Photo of Kathryn Ratzlaff

“Don’t anger your gym teachers, because they’ll yell at you, make you do push-ups and run laps.”


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