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Are you excited about attending the Kansas University commencement ceremony?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 18, 2008

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Photo of Lauren Glaser

“Yeah. I’m not necessarily excited about sitting through all the speeches, but I’m very excited about walking down the hill.”

Photo of David Nelson

“You know, I’m not that big into KU spirit, but all of the excitement on Mass. Street after the games kind of got me into it. So I am pretty excited, and I’m looking forward to my family being there and getting to see Lawrence for the first time.”

Photo of Matt Herrington

“I am not. I got tricked into getting my cap and gown. My mom told me we were going shopping for championship T-shirts. But they paid for college, so the least I can do is walk down the hill for them.”

Photo of Jenny Ries

“Yes, just to be there with my friends and family. I’m graduating with a lot of my friends. I have 11 roommates, and we’re all walking down together.”


le 5 years, 11 months ago

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le 5 years, 11 months ago

Good luck to you all..I attended last year for the 1st time ...I had a roomate that graduated last year and wanted to see him do the walk down the hill..he is a great guy and I got a little choked up! It was very entertaining to see the crazy stuff they attached to their caps to express their individual personalities....They call him "Bling" and he is now a assitant Football coach at free state...keep an eye on the team cuz..he is one of the best at motivating people...I would not be surprised if he became a huge name in the sport one day...Chris (Bling) Eneking...remember the name cuz he is destined to do great things....he was also on the K.U. football team and was one of the team members that went to the Hawaii Bowl in the late 90s (telivised)..and I tattooed on many of the players on that of my tats was shown up close on the telly on the calf of one of was a proud day 4 myself....I did all the tats at my last lawrence shop that was located next 2 performance tire near 19th & Mass......I shoulda never turned the shop over 2 fine line john...and wished I would have kept it going but...I had 2 explore california at the time..and worked a shop in martinez...bad one in that area had any cash...but they seemed 2 have every color of Meth that was made...I quickly got away from there and moved on to tat in kids..stay in school..or you may end up a traveling tattoo nomad like may sound cool..but truth is I wish I would have gotten my education..! P.S. sorry 4 turning the shop over 2 fine line from topeka..they didnt take as much pride as I did in the artwork and avoid uncle Russells Skin Illustrations (skill limitations..rather) if you want the best art go to big daddys or if you want the best..go to Robert Miller Black at straycat tattoos in manhattan ks. he was my apprentice in the 90s and is doing incredible art...he is booked for 3 months ahead but see...straycatattoo add the .com and click on Roberts work...and you will see why he is booked...he quit art school in college to learn the trade from me and I dont recomend to any one to give up staying in school but...he is one of the few that made the right decision...if you see his work on the website ,you will see what I mean! If you are in school as an artist..stick it out..Graduate 1st then if you wanna do tats (made many a starving artist rich) find a shop with good credibility and do the apprentice thang and learn the right will make very good money and lots of people happy(except your parents)....good luck your job searches...cuz the real world is tough and the gravy train is over!


jumpin_catfish 5 years, 11 months ago

I'll wait until it comes out on DVD or BlueRay


canyon_wren 5 years, 11 months ago

I wish I could! The KU campus is so beautiful this time of year. I didn't even get to attend the two times I graduated--was off in the Tetons the first time (1961) and down at Lake Powell, in AZ the second time (1965)--with no money to get back to Lawrence. I did get to attend a friend's graduation in 1964, so I know what an impressive event that is!


jonas 5 years, 11 months ago

Hello all from Shanghai.Nope, not very excited. It would be something of a long commute for me, I'm afraid.


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