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What are you reading?

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Photo of Laura Rose Clawson

Morality Play,’ by Barry Unsworth. It’s a historical fiction about a clergyman who joins a troop of traveling actors and discovers a religious murder plot.”

Photo of Ethan Kitchen

Wicked,’ by Gregory Maguire. It’s about the events before ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ I’m also going to go see the play in Chicago.”

Photo of Adri Pendergrass

“Right now I’m reading ‘Sin City,’ a graphic novel by Frank Miller. I read them all a long time ago and then found the whole collection at a bookstore for the right price, so I’m re-reading them.”

Photo of Autry Williams

Tishomingo Blues,’ by Elmore Leonard. It’s a crime novel that features a high diver, the Cornbread Mafia, a Civil War re-enactment, manufactured homes and a murder or two.”

Photo of Jennifer Hagen

Swan Song,’ by Robert McCammon. It’s about the apocalypse, world war, the fallout and the survivors.”


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