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Are you excited about opening day?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on March 30, 2008

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Photo of Marcus Folks

“Very excited. Not so much for the Royals, but I have a fantasy baseball team. So I’m excited to see how some of my players are going to do this year.”

Photo of Mike Buckhouse

“Not really. The Royals have just not impressed me this year with their off-season moves.”

Photo of Emily Higgins

“Yeah. I’m from Chicago, so watching the Cubs play is a pretty big deal.”

Photo of Charles Corbett

“Yeah. I really like baseball, and I’m a big Dodgers fan. I think a lot of people get excited about it, and I think it’s a healthy interest.”


SpeedRacer 6 years ago

Royals are tied for first. Enjoy it for a couple of days.


cool 6 years ago

opening day for the Oread Hotel ? sure .


dminear60 6 years ago

My better half is pumped but even more so for opening day at the K.


acoupstick 6 years ago

I hate summer in the midwest. I hate mowing. I hate bugs. I hate oppressive heat and humidity. I hate people who wear short/tight clothes who shouldn't. I hate swamp crotch. A couple cold beers and a dog with my family in the cheap seats at Kaufman is one of the few things that makes summer ok, even if the team stinks (and I don't think they will this year).


SpeedRacer 6 years ago

I was once a huge baseball fan, but lost all interest after the '94 strike. I attended a T-Bones game last year and really enjoyed that.


Marion Lynn 6 years ago

I'm going to open a beer.

Does opening a beer count as "opening day"?


BABBOY 6 years ago

I think I am. I had not really been excited sinced George Brett was there and winning batting titles. That guy was a player. Would have been a bigger name if he was part of the Yankee vs Red Sox nonsense. I glad he was here and made the Yanks forgett about the Red Sox somewhat from 77 to 80.

I gave up on baseball with the strike that closed the World Series (think that was 94). I did not go to a game untill a couple of years ago. I did manage to see Bonds hit home run in interleague play.

We finally upgraded to a HD TV and I have watched a few games and the pictures of the field and stands in HD has sort of made me want to go to a game. Contra to one of the replies, my baseball friends tell me the Royals have made some progress with picthing and may be better this year. I have not really followed it, but I will go to few games and get some polish sausages to be washed down with a couple of high priced beers (which is not a shock anymore because all sports events are that way now).

If they have a decent product, then I will go to more then a few. Also, I have thought about going to T-Bone game.

Whew, long response but it is the weekend...


sgtwolverine 6 years ago

I think "excited" may be too strong a word; I'm marginally interested in it, but I'm not excited about it. But since there are about 130 too many games in the baseball season, closing day is definitely cause for excitement.


jumpin_catfish 6 years ago

Love baseball so yes and VOTE NO ON TUESDAY.


jonas 6 years ago

Blurn! Blurn! Blurn!

Multiball! Multiball!


hitme 6 years ago

Nope. Baseball, Soccer, & Hockey are much too slow and boring to watch. Their fun to play, but I'd only go to the pro versions if I had free tickets and a parking pass. $8.00 for a beer is too high as well. Baseball really lost me during the '94 strike and I realized, I didn't care if they continued to exist. When they have to have contests and scoreboard games to keep people awake, that's a clue that the game itself is lacking on its own.


notajayhawk 6 years ago

Why, is there a major league baseball team anywhere nearby?


le 6 years ago

if your refering to baseball...who cares? oh yeah the people that love to throw their money away on over priced tickets so your "cokehead" sports heroes can live a life of greed ,speed, and weed ! so yall keep feeding the monkeys ...i would rather watch t-ball ! at least kids that age are playin for the fun (except for the ones that have obsessed parents that suck the fun out of it) ...todays sports (greed infested) are a joke ! kids grow up and learn to keep their eye on the "ball "...but somewhere along the path...their eye turns to the "bentley"...! mom,apple pie and GREED ! so yall keep coaching from your lazy boy..and keep coaching when your fave playa is in the court room buying his way out of trouble with your money ! heh heh heh fools!!!


aginglady 6 years ago

holy cow, the middle of the nighters are baseball fans. I knew I wasn't the only one who has trouble sleeping!, since Steve Jeltz left the team,it's just not the same. He was super in school, but dreaming as a grown up. Hi Steve. Proud of you! Jeez, the arms on that man. And everything else.


hornhunter 6 years ago

faceit, Didn't you know that we dream of Oct 11, set high in trees on cold days, wrestle wildlife, spit Ms. Crockers bitter batter, and we are also nocturnal?


faceit 6 years ago

I take it the amphetamines from last night haven't worn off yet


ChristmasCarol 6 years ago

"Take me out to the ball game... buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks... I don't know if I'll ever be back 'cause it's one,... two...three strikes you're out at the old ball game."

"hey batter... batter... swing batter batter"

"Ms. Crocker has a better batter because she adds butter to the batter to make the batter better."


Napoleon_Dynomite 6 years ago

Real sportsmen don't need rifles; they wrestle the game to the ground and kill it with their bare hands.


hornhunter 6 years ago

Gives you plenty of time to scout for new stand locations



Yes, but October 11th is so far away.
But I have to wonder... Why ask this question so far ahead of early firearms deer season for unit 19?


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