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Are you friends with any groups or organizations on MySpace or Facebook?

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Photo of Tyler Rose

“I’m friends with ESPN and the University of Texas’ sports program.”

Photo of Sandy Robbins

“I don’t have a MySpace, but I’m on Facebook. I don’t think I have any friends who aren’t people I know.”

Photo of L.J. Suber

“I have some sports channels and colleges on there. There are some music groups, too.”

Photo of Sofie Matzen

“No. I don’t see how I would get any useful information from any groups on MySpace or Facebook.”

Photo of Tony Brown-Davis

“No, all of my friends are actual people.”

Photo of Katlyn Green

“No. I never really think about becoming an organization’s friend. I just use it to keep in touch with people I know.”

Photo of Nathaniel Mehl

“Not really. I’m a member of some groups, but they’re not actually my friends.”

Photo of Christina Picicci

“Yes, I have some like local bands, Ben Folds and John Mayer. I’m also in Obama’s group.”


ms_canada 10 years, 2 months ago

Yes, I have several friends on MySpace, some from Lawrence.

preebo 10 years, 2 months ago

I am on Myspace. I know I am too old to have one, but this is the only way I can maintain contact with some high school friends in California, Fraternity brothers, and Law school pals all over the country. I believe it has been more then a couple months since I last checked up on it.

hawklet21 10 years, 2 months ago

"Yes, I have some like local bands, Ben Folds and John Mayer. I'm also in Obama's group." - Christina Picicci, sophomore, FSHS

I am so happy the reporter kept the "like" in there. Like, totally.

Freestater456 10 years, 2 months ago

actually hawklet21 you are a moron

The like that Christina used wasn't "Like Totally" it was like as in "such as" Plus these things aren't direct quotes because I was there when she said it. And the reporter made an error and should have put a comma after some. But you should understand that because of the context that it was used in.

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