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What is the most physical thing you’ve done for charity?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on March 13, 2008

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Photo of Brandt Pyle

“I was on a five-person Walk for Life team that collectively walked for 24 hours.”

Photo of Katherine Mulder

“I’ve helped build houses for Habitat for Humanity several times. I did some framing, lots of painting and a little roofing.”

Photo of Brandon Pink

“I was sponsored for a walk for cancer research about six years ago.”

Photo of Tiffany Demaline

“I helped clean the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center. We cleaned it inside and out, and raked up all the leaves in the yard.”


moveforward 10 years ago

there was so much potential here?!?!

dminear60 10 years ago

blue73harley: I was going to say write a check but I was a little embarrassed. Thank you blue73harley, there is at least safety in numbers!

Flap Doodle 10 years ago

Let's just say that a floor-to-ceiling brass pole was involved.

thomgreen 10 years ago

Walking a few cubicles down to bum a quarter from a fellow worker.

coolmarv 10 years ago

Sorry to break the chain and give a straight answer here.

Cleaning Allen Fieldhouse after a KU Men's basketball game come to mind. All that paper the students throw looks cool but you can't imagine what a job it is to clean up afterwards. You also have to mop the entire seating section. I am sure I have done other more physical things for chairty but the fieldhouse cleanings take about 8 hours for our group.

oldvet 10 years ago

Laid down on a table, rolled up my sleeve and gave a pint of blood... 21 times so far and still going strong...

dminear60 10 years ago

oldvet: Thank you for reminding me about donating blood. I have donated every two months for the last 13 years. Now, I can stop feeling bad about writing a check as opposed to doing something that requires effort on my part. I urge all of you that can to donate blood. The blood bank always needs to replinish their supply.

schula 10 years ago

I agree with oldvet and dminear60 -- donating blood is one of the best charity types of work you can do. I have given 40 pints (5 gallons). Thanks for reminding me it is time to donate again.

Crossfire 10 years ago

I was going to participate in the 2006 Ness City Toilet Seat Setting Marathon but decided I had better stuff to do. I hear they have a Winner. "Take my toilet seat...only when you pry it from my cold dead a..."

labmonkey 10 years ago

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sunflower_sue 10 years ago

I've done the walks and the bike-a-thons, but probably the most physical thing was playing in a Gunny-ball tournament. (Just think co-ed softball in gunnysacks.) It was for MDA and it was crazy fun! What I remember most was that I slammed one out center, rounded the bases (best I could) and was headed home for my moment of glory. It was going to be tight so I slid in (or maybe I just fell) on my belly. I got tagged out. I also got a strawberry that started on my chin and went clear to my knees. Ah! Good times...

I've thought of organizing a charity tournament myself, but I either lack the time or just the gumption. However, if anyone else wants to get one going, I'll gladly pay to play. Just holler!

jonas 10 years ago

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dajudge 10 years ago

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openminded 10 years ago

I have walked 2 60 mile walks for breast cancer and many 5K Race for the Cures. I can't seem to do enough for breast cancer research.

GretchenJP 10 years ago

Wow, so many people censored for violeting the blogging rules on a charity thread! My naughty, naughty Lawrence friends.

jonas 10 years ago

Good lord! Censors must not have had much to do later last evening.

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